HarmonyOS users encounter Wi-Fi errors, spreading rumors that HarmonyOS is just a “fake” of Android

Tram Ho

Recently, Huawei has officially launched the all-new HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system platform developed specifically for the Huawei ecosystem. HarmonyOS 2.0 is now pre-installed on a few newly launched Huawei devices such as MatePad 11, MatePad Pro… and can be installed on most Huawei smartphones launched since 2016 in the near future. The HarmonyOS update roadmap set by Huawei will take place from now to next year, with high-end devices being updated first, then backward.

It is known that HarmonyOS alf is an open source platform and is designed to be able to run Android applications in a completely normal way. Huawei said that supporting Android application installation is to retain users of EMUI, the Android user interface that Huawei has installed on Huawei devices before.

Người dùng HarmonyOS gặp lỗi Wi-Fi, tung tin đồn HarmonyOS chỉ là hàng nhái của Android - Ảnh 1.

Despite bringing many upgrades and new features, Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system still has many bugs during use. Most recently, many HarmonyOS users said they encountered problems with “dropping” the network when using Wi-Fi. After many users reported this bug, a rumor about HarmonyOS began to be widely shared on the social network Weibo, revealing “HarmonyOS is actually just an uncertified variant of Android”.

This would not be worth mentioning if it was just a spontaneous rumor, instead, this rumor is said to be posted by China’s China Mobile carrier, with the following content: “Because HarmonyOS is a variant of the Android operating system and not certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, devices with HarmonyOS installed will not be able to establish a stable Wi-Fi connection and may experience network “drops” For normal use, Huawei needs to negotiate with the Wi-Fi Alliance and wait for the alliance’s approval.This problem has nothing to do with the network connection and only happens to HarmonyOS users. “.

Người dùng HarmonyOS gặp lỗi Wi-Fi, tung tin đồn HarmonyOS chỉ là hàng nhái của Android - Ảnh 2.

The image was widely shared on the Weibo social network

Of course, after the above information was widely shared, the carrier China Mobile denied it and said that this was just a false rumor. The relevant China Mobile spokesperson said the company never made such a statement and China Mobile Shanghai branch also did not receive any feedback from users regarding the Wi-Fi issue on the mobile phones. HarmonyOS device.

Currently, neither Huawei nor China Mobile have any additional comments on the sidelines. The information is still just rumors and has not been confirmed.

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