Hanoi youth earns 4 million USD through YouTube, tax department hunt

Tram Ho

Individuals receiving income from organizations like Facebook, Google, YouTube … are classified as business individuals. According to current regulations, if income from business is from VND 100 million or more per year, tax is payable. The tax rate is 7% of income (including 5% of value added tax, 2% of personal income tax).

Therefore, in recent years, the tax industry has been vigorously reviewing to collect taxes with individuals who have income on social networks.

Thanh niên Hà Nội kiếm 4 triệu USD qua Youtube, cục thuế truy lùng - Ảnh 1.

Making money online is booming in Vietnam.

The YouTube channel owner has an income of VND 19 billion

After a review, the tax authority found that an individual in Ho Chi Minh City who owned the YouTube channel had an income of up to VND 19 billion in the three years of 2016-2018 but did not declare and pay taxes. The income of this person from posting clips on Youtube channel attracts a lot of views and ads.

This individual has acknowledged not performing tax obligations after being invited to work. This person has fully paid the tax arrears of 1.5 billion to the state budget.

Make 80 billion from Youtube

This individual has a turnover of 80 billion VND from YouTube, Google … applications in 2018 and was discovered by the Hanoi Tax Department.

Hanoi Tax Department said that this individual specializes in providing applications and products in the Google Play area, Apple Store, YouTube … After being assisted with tax payment instructions, if not done, the above individual will to be handled according to regulations.

The Department of Taxation also said that from the beginning of 2018, information collected from organizations and individuals generating cash flow from Google Play, Apple Store, YouTube …, created a list of 47 organizations with the amount of 78, 6 billion. In addition, 526 individuals also generated a total cash flow of 291.3 billion dong.

Get over 41 billion from Google, Facebook, YouTube

The Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City has decided to collect and fine an individual with the amount of 4.1 billion VND because in the two years of 2016 – 2017, it received over 41 billion VND from Google, Facebook, YouTube … but did not declare and pay taxes. . This is the first time an individual receiving income from abroad has been retrospectively charged with such a large amount of money in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, the Department of Taxation also found that another individual who committed similar violations of temporary residence in Ho Chi Minh City but permanently residing in Quang Nam province) received VND 17 billion from advertisements on Google, Facebook, Youtube …

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Source : Vietnamnet