Hanoi technology community excitedly celebrated at the Vietnam Web Summit event

Does not appear to be inferior to the event in HCMC area. The audience in Hanoi warmly welcomed Vietnam Web Summit 2016 to the capital city, with more than 1,000 entries from the very first moment.

Following the timeline similar to the event in Saigon, the audience will first have a time to delight in visiting booths from dozens of big companies and startups like Wiki, Redweb, TopDev, … this is Ideal opportunity for you to exchange, network, find more ideal work, …

2016 will be the year to mark the explosion of e-commerce in Vietnam, to catch up with this wave, Vietnam Web Summit will bring to the audience a series of topics from micro to macro to businesses can build your website and electronic advertising system, effectively and most cost-effective.

With the opening session, there are still three representatives coming from VECOM, Google, Universal … to bring the latest knowledge in the waiting of the audience here.

Legal sanctions on the web should be the biggest priority for units operating on the web


Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung from Vecom continues to introduce us about the latest changes in electronic legal environment in Vietnam. With data from Nielsen Vietnam, we are clearly seeing the dominance of mobile compared to other platforms.

In addition to the noticeable changes in the e-commerce legal environment, businesses also hear more about the unfortunate consequences that may occur if we do not comply with the regulation, with just a few mouse clicks. Your opponent's simple denunciation, your company will be exposed to a multitude of serious problems.

Google and the open web system of the future


Phone subscriptions are now larger than the total Vietnamese population. At the same time, Internet traffic through smartphones accounts for more than half of all users. Vietnam is currently at the peak of digital technology development, with millions of new visits to the Internet network. To meet the robust development of mobile devices, most websites and applications now try to keep up with new technologies to give users a more complete experience. Be immersed with Google and the big guys in the industry with new innovations for publishing ecosystems, to see an open web environment, strong growth and continuous expansion.

SEO is easy, but it makes it … it is extremely difficult


Taking place right after the opening session, the old presentation like Tuan Ha's (CEO Vinalink) was unexpectedly new to the constantly changing changes from Google, the biggest search engine on the planet.

In the talk, he mentioned:

  • Google warnings about Mobile web.
  • Optimize Google's requirements for mobile-friendly websites including Canonical and AMP.
  • AMP application for open source websites.
  • Optimize the user interface and user experience on Mobile to increase conversion rates.

Don't miss the last chance in Danang …

To end the journey across the country, Vietnam Web Summit will stop in Danang on November 5. Another good news for Central technology believers, the speakers will follow the program to visit the beloved city of Quang. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the biggest Web / Marketing Day this year!

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