Hackers show off the data of 41 million Vietnamese Facebook users

Tram Ho

On March 24, the V ** account on the Rapid **** forum posted information believed to be from more than 41 million Facebook users in Vietnam.

This information includes school, job, address, name and Facebook ID. All are detailed in Vietnamese.

Accordingly, forum members will take 8 credit points to load the data warehouse. The download folder is in “.txt” format with unencrypted information.

Hackers show the data of 41 million Vietnamese Facebook users images 1 8db93b551982e2dcbb93.jpg
41 million data is attributed to Facebook users in Vietnam.

These are publicly available user information for Facebook, aggregated. However, the data files are classified in groups based on user preferences such as study, work, sports … with a capacity of over 20 GB.

Raid Forum *** is the place to post user data that hackers have when entering various platforms. Previously, 3 million data of account holders of a Vietnamese bank or customers of smartphone retail chains also appeared on this forum.

Currently the link to download 41 million Vietnamese Facebook user data has been removed from the forum. However, those who quickly download data from March 24 can still access Facebook Vietnam user information.

In September 2019, a server containing data of more than 419 million Facebook users was leaked. Among them, there are more than 50 million user data in Vietnam. Many countries like England, USA, Brazil … fined Facebook millions of USD. However, this penalty for Facebook as “salt break pool”.

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Source : Techtalk