Hackers are stealing each other’s cryptocurrencies via Telegram

Tram Ho

Researchers have found that hackers are performing a scam through the messaging app Telegram with the aim of defrauding other cyber criminals.

Specifically, according to security firm Avast, hackers are using the encrypted messaging platform Telegram to spread a malware called HackBoss and so far have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency from victims. .

Malware is disguised as software to “brute-force” passwords, an attack used for all types of encryption, often used to find passwords for bank accounts, apps. dating and social networks. When hackers want to run the program, malware that steals cryptocurrency gets into their device.

HackBoss is also said to be relatively stubborn, as it comes with a registry key to run itself at startup, as well as a scheduled task running every minute.

Tin tặc đang đánh cắp tiền điện tử của nhau qua Telegram - Ảnh 1.

The way the malware works is simple: it scans the clipboard for a cryptocurrency wallet and replaces it with another, belonging to the attacker. If the victim tries to send a cryptocurrency token to an address, the money is transferred to the attacker’s hands.

In theory, this scam is relatively easy to spot, since the address pasted just before sending will be different from the one that was previously copied. Attackers hope that most people don’t double-check the address after pasting it, partly because a e-wallet address is just a long string of random letters and numbers.

It seems that this theory is also correct. Since November 2018, more than $ 560,000 of various cryptocurrencies have been sent to more than 100 addresses related to the attackers.

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