Hacker only takes a few minutes to find the first key in the competition with a $ 1 million Bitcoin prize

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Why do you have to search when you have Ruby code?

A million-dollar race to find Bitcoin has just begun a few days ago, but with a genius hacker, it only takes a few minutes for him to complete the first stage without having to go anywhere in the world.

Satoshi’s Treasure is a virtual reality game that encourages players to work together to find hidden private keys at real-world landmarks. Clues are provided periodically with a letter.

Inspired by Ready Player One, this game has a ranking to see which team is closest to collecting the prize. There are a total of 1000 private key pieces, and the amount of 1 million Bitcoin will be unlocked once the 400 key pieces have been found.

Clues leading to the first 3 keys are published via Bicoin satellite on April 15th. They are said to help players discover QR codes buried under global locations, such as San Francisco, London, Uganda, China, and Australia.

However, instead of losing work to the place, the player John Cantrell completed his first challenge by … hacking.

He even uploaded his method to GitHub to prove his success.

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Cantrell started using the QR code found and uploaded by some friends who also searched for other treasures. With the first clue, things are relatively easy – just scan the code that the player will find the encryption key with the content of a passphrase at the same location.

Right now, we will have to wait until April 17 for clues from other cities for the 2nd and 3rd courses, but that doesn’t stop me from looking around with all the new information. be “- Cantrell writes -” years notpron games will help me do it “.

Cantrell then checked the source code of Satoshi’s Treasure websites, and quickly discovered the passwords for the next two keys, all encrypted.

After I saw this source code, I realized that by checking the right or wrong passphrase done on the user’s computer, I could brute force it with a dictionary attack. I also assume that the passphrases of key # 2 and lock # 3 will be English words, ” he said.

A piece of Ruby code has been used to crack encryption nearly automatically, thereby revealing the words needed to achieve the second and third keys a day before the clues are expected to be released.

Dovey Wan of Primitive Ventures, one of the companies behind the competition Satoshi’s Treasure, said: ” Yes, this is intentional so we can see the level of crazy intelligence of people on the Internet. The faster you solve, the faster the difficulty level increases. ”

For those who want to play Satoshi’s Treasure but don’t want to leave their room, you can see the full instructions of Cantrell here .

Reference: TheNextWeb

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