Guide to making fireworks with Particle in Unity.

Tram Ho

Hello everyone, so the Lunar New Year is coming soon, in my family there are New Year and New Year, and in the West they only have New Year!

And every New Year, the image we see the most is the fireworks.

So today we will try to create a fireworks effect in Unity to see if it is easy 😉

Of course in a game-making environment, there are countless ways to create effects, such as frame by frame, that is, you render multiple frames and then run in sequence to create the effect. Or using clips to blend in, or using multiple objects flying in different directions to create an effect, or more complicated, using bone can create an effect as well.

But in this article we will try one less effort, which is using particle.

This article will be for the Unity basic knowledge so I will not explain in detail why, but just do the steps to create the effect. 😉

Step 1: You create a parent particle.

  • The reason to create the parent particle is because we will then produce the child particle: v
  • This Particle will create fireworks effect that is fired from below the ground, and shoots in different directions with different heights.

Step 1.1: You set Particle System as follows.

Step 1.2: You set Emission as follows.

Step 1.3: You set the Shape as follows.

Step 1.4: You set Color over Lifetime as follows.

Step 1.5: You set up Trails as follows.

Step 2: You create 1 particle particle.

  • This particle part will work to create explosive effects and radiate the direction of the fireworks.
  • It also creates different color effects for added variety 😉

Step 2.1: You set the Particle System as follows.

Step 2.2: You set Emission as follows.

Step 2.3: You set the Shape as follows.

Step 2.4: You set up Trails as follows.

Step 3: You create 1 Material.

  • To be able to color fireworks.

Step 3.1: You set the material just created as follows.

Step 2.5: You set up Renderer as follows.

Step 1.6: You set Sub Emitters as follows.

And now you try to run will see results like me 😉

Hopefully through this article you will find Unity more interesting and can create a product to show off your friends for the upcoming Tet holiday ^ _ ^

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Source : Viblo