Gorilla Glass must use ‘slang’ to refer to Apple in order to avoid being ‘violated’.

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“I have to tell you I don’t feel entirely right to call out the Apple name out loud,” Corning CEO Wendell Weeks said at the company’s recent earnings press conference. “I still don’t think I’ve ever done that. Inside the company, we have a codename for Apple, we never even say the word ‘Apple’ inside the company. So if You can see me, with a slightly flushed face and a panic attack, maybe I just finished reading their names a bit aloud.

Weeks did not disclose the codenames used in the company. However, it was a noticeable hint of Apple’s haunting level of secrecy, as well as the company’s fear of accidentally naming an iPhone maker in an economic industry. Built on undisclosed agreements.

According to CNBC , Corning has been paid up to $ 450 million by Apple since 2017. But the Corning CEO seems uncomfortable even discussing the relationship between the two companies.

Hãng sản xuất kính cường lực Gorilla Glass phải dùng tiếng lóng để chỉ Apple nhằm tránh bị phạm húy - Ảnh 1.

Corning has partnered with Apple from day one.

And it’s not just Corning, the audio chip maker Cirrus Logic, which gets 81% of its total sales from Apple, has the same problem.

“Cirrus executives rarely mention the Apple name and for years they completely avoided it. In 2017, an investor presentation included a slide with various types of client logos, But the Apple logo could not be found. Instead, the slide contained a picture of a brown box with the words ‘Customer # 1′. Recent investors simply said that Cirrus Logic was delivering. products for the top seven smartphone manufacturers “,the report said.

Most recently, at a time when Apple was said to be weighing a business relationship with Hyundai to co-develop the Apple Car, the South Korean company acknowledged the existence of negotiations, which led to its stock. they skyrocket. Soon after, however, it stepped back and stopped mentioning Apple altogether.

Steve Jobs was the first to set up product and company security rules, when he returned to Apple in 1997. During Jobs’ absence, Apple was notorious for leaking information “like a sieve “.

Today, while sources are still leaking, Apple has somehow been better at controlling stories. Tim Cook has changed Apple a lot since becoming CEO. But one thing he hasn’t changed is the privacy rules. Simply put, it brings a lot of benefits to Apple.

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