Google’s virtual assistant has been around for a long time, and these are the features people use most often on phones.

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As the Amazon Echo line of devices began to popularize voice commands to mass users, many tech giants thought it would soon be forgotten. Not many times when the big guys like Google or Microsoft get it wrong, but in this case, they were completely wrong. And so, as soon as he realized he had fallen asleep, Google – with enormous software power – rushed to launch a smart product line with the Google Assistant virtual assistant to the market.

Four years later, voice commands are a part of life, and you don’t even need a separate device to do it. All you need to do is turn on the “OK, Google” feature on your Android device, and you’ve got a smart virtual assistant. Because each person’s situation and requirements are different, it’s difficult to make a list of the “best” commands. But here, we will take a look at some of the commands that are basically, people will use many times.

Trợ lý ảo của Google ra mắt cũng lâu rồi, và đây là những tính năng mà người ta sử dụng thường xuyên nhất trên điện thoại - Ảnh 1.

The OK Google feature was soon available on Android and gradually became familiar.

Set a reminder:

We all live busy lives, and it’s hard to remember everything. These days, few of us have our personal assistant or secretary to remind us of a date or someone’s birthday. So, if there’s something you don’t want to forget, ask Google Assistant to remind you.

What we like about this ability is its versatility. Google Assistant can reference your other apps as well, so you can ask it to check if you missed something, or check if there’s something to do or events going on. remind you of that. But it is more than just a reminder of calendar dates or meetings. You can ask for more detailed content, such as: “OK Google, remind me to buy milk in the morning” (remind me to buy milk in the morning) or “OK Google, remind me the car keys are in the kitchen drawer ” (reminds me of the car keys in the kitchen drawer ).

Open an application:

You are not hands free? Does not matter. Whether you want to open a website or do a social circle, the Google Assistant can open any application on your phone. This is especially useful when you are busy in the kitchen or bathroom, and both hands are wet or covered with ingredients while preparing your meal.

Read to you:

Let’s continue with the example of when you are cooking. You’re inundated with a bunch of baking ingredients, for example, and Google Assistant can help you find that recipe again, to make sure you’re not mistaken. Just add “OK Google, read it” and then Google Assistant will re-read the formula, and you can spend both hands focusing on what you are doing bad.

Needless to say, this feature is definitely extremely useful for people with special limitations or disabilities. But in the example above, you can see that any of us can take advantage of the capabilities of Google Assistant in our everyday life. What’s more, when you don’t understand the original content in one language, Google Assistant can also translate a page of content into another language if you ask.

Trợ lý ảo của Google ra mắt cũng lâu rồi, và đây là những tính năng mà người ta sử dụng thường xuyên nhất trên điện thoại - Ảnh 2.

Play something:

Gaming has become an important part of our resting time. In the past few years, it can be seen that the whole game market has clearly moved into the mobile world. The most evident evidence is that mobile games have brought more profits than the total profits of PC games and consoles. The game is the most downloaded item on the Google Play app store and the App Store, and we all have a few games on our device. With Google Assitant, all you need to say is simply “OK Google, play Words with Friends” or whatever else you love.

Read the paper:

Maybe it’s normal to ask your Google Assistant to keep you up to date with the latest news. But with a tumultuous 2020, many of us … don’t want to hear that information. Instead, you can ask Google Assistant to choose your message. Just say, “OK Google, tell me some funny story” (tell me something funny) or “OK Google, tell me some good news today” (tell me what’s good today), and You will hear a positive news to help you feel a little more comfortable.

Update scores:

Referring to the good news, it is impossible to mention the sports world, where the pace of matches is gradually returning to normal. The seasons have been completed rapidly, new seasons are about to begin, and after the pause it is a huge amount of information to watch. It’s hard to keep track of the non-stop movement of the sports world.
With Google Assistant, you can update information and knowledge with questions such as: “Who won in the English Premier League?” (Which team won the Premier League?). And if a true sports fan like you needs more knowledge, you’ll be happy to know that Google Assistant can answer you every information stored in the history of any sports butt. favourite.

Suggestions in life:

One of the things secretaries or personal assistants do best is that you can ask them to do things like “order a table tomorrow night at an Italian restaurant.” Google Assistant can also do this easily. It can show you many suggestions for nearby places and prioritize sorting by factors such as distance, price as well as user reviews (or whatever criteria you prefer best!). ). After that, Google Assistant can even direct you there or make a call to the restaurant for you. And not only for restaurants, whether you need a place to fix a car, find an ATM to withdraw money or find a cafe to date, Google Assistant can still play the role of a friend who knows all about, always introducing the perfect location. best for you.

Trợ lý ảo của Google ra mắt cũng lâu rồi, và đây là những tính năng mà người ta sử dụng thường xuyên nhất trên điện thoại - Ảnh 3.

Google Assistant is always ready to play the role of a know-it-all with you

Booking, reservation:

Knowing where you want to go is one thing, but whether you really get there or not is another. Assuming you want to impress your dating friend at a movie screening, you simply ask Google what movie is showing, and then ask it to provide showtimes for the movie. you choose. The Google Assistant can also book tickets through other interactive apps. You don’t have to waste time queuing up to buy tickets and if, unfortunately, you realize the theater is full.

Set alarm:

Ultimately, this is one of the basic features that will be most useful on your smartphone. Even “brick” phones have had this feature for a long time, and we’ve been using the phone as an alarm clock ever since. Asking the Google Assistant to wake you up at 7 a.m., it sounds … simple, you can also ask it to wake you up with the music you like, such as “wake me at 7 AM to Pink Floyd” (wake me up at 7am with Pink Floyd music), and Google Assistant will browse your playlists for the right alarm sound.

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