Google will make it easier for third-party app stores to operate on Android 12

Tram Ho

Google is making new changes to its developer policy, promising to make it easier to use 3rd party app stores on Android 12. In stark contrast to Apple, where Apple is very strict with 3rd party app stores on iOS platform.

Previously, users were able to install apps through third-party stores, like Samsung’s Galaxy Store. Google said in response to developer feedback, Android 12 will add new features that allow “users to use other app stores more easily, while not compromising. Play Store’s payment method ”.

Google sẽ cho phép các cửa hàng ứng dụng của bên thứ 3 hoạt động dễ dàng hơn trên Android 12 - Ảnh 1.

However, Google will not relax the payment method of apps on the Play Store. Google asserts that “all developers selling digital goods in their apps are required to use the Google Play payment system”.

Returning to the story of Epic Games, the popular Fortnite game was removed from the Play Store in August, after Epic added a new payment method that does not go through Google Play.

But with the new change of Android 12, the Fortnite game can still be installed on Android smartphones through the 3rd party app store. Google specifically mentioned Fortnite as an example “even if the developer developer and Google does not agree to the terms of business, the developer can still distribute his app on the Android platform.

In the case of Apple, this will never happen. However, Google will likely have to set some rules for these 3rd party app stores, to stay safe and avoid dangerous apps. Google will continue to announce more details in the near future.

Reference: theverge

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