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I am talking about Google Web Designer . A new product has been released by Google in recent days. And because of a review, I will not go into how to use it, instead I will direct this article to users who are not web developers, help them visualize what Google are bringing them

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What is Google Web Designer?

Google Web Designer is actually an advanced web application built on HTML5 , which aims to help us create beautiful, high-effect HTML5 pages to make advertising pages or HTML5 pages bring other content by giving You use an interface that both visual editor and code editor can use.
Google Web Designer allows you to use tools to draw, write text and 3D objects. Support timeline to perform animation.
It supports a lot of creating advertising pages by allowing use of componients such as Image Galleries, Videos, Network Tools.
When the job is done. It will export to a webpage, including HTML5 , CSS3 and Javascript. Google Web Designer’s Code view allows you to create and view CSS, Javascript, XML, using syntax hilighting and autocompletion code to help you write code more easily and with fewer errors.

Who is Google Web Designer for?

I think Google’s goal when releasing this product is for the following purposes

  • Gradually replace Flash with HTML5 (What big guys are aiming for)
  • Allowing Web Desginer, Marketter can easily create an advertisement page.
  • Since it allows drag and drop and supports a lot of componients, it allows people who don’t know anything about programming to do it.
Now verify the above when placing you in the following context.

You need to show the landing page for a new product with a nice effect. Works on almost any browser and does not give users problems like Flash Flugin, Low-configuration machine support.

My first thought when listening to this will be choosing Flash. But it also has many disadvantages
Adobe Flash Professional is copyright software. The installation file is relatively large (500M), requiring high configuration.
Other flash design software is not powerful. About the display problem. You will not be able to allow Flash to run on iOS devices.

Other software such as Adobe Edge Animate CC , Tumult Hype , Sencha Animator , iAd Producer . But the problem is that it is not for non-professionals or commercial software, which does not meet an immediate demand.

Google Web Designer was born to solve these problems. Although it is a beta version, there are many bugs but has done a great job of a Web Designer.


To conclude this article. I would like to talk about HTML5 and why Google wants advertisers to use this language.

HTML5 is gradually being viewed as a Web standard that people need to follow. In addition, Google also said that. HTML5 is a universal language for building beautiful, engaging content that can run on desktops, smartphones and tablets. Google hopes that. Google Web Designer will popularize HTML5 to more users starting from the advertising industry. And help Web Developer come closer to the “build once, run anywhere” goal

As for Google Web Designer , it is a new, free, intuitive tool that was born by a big man so it is worth trying.

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