Google uses technology to stimulate British tourists to explore Egypt

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Google sử dụng công nghệ kích thích du khách Anh đến khám phá Ai Cập - Ảnh 1.

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In a statement on September 15, Google said it is working with the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Agency (ETA) on a new project to use advertising techniques to monitor the weather in real time, to promote Egyptian tourism in the UK market.

ETA CEO Amr El-Kady insists Egypt’s abundant sunshine is something not all countries are fortunate to have, so ETA wanted to make this a central part of the show. tourism promotion in the UK market.

According to El-Kady, for this campaign to gain attention, ETA needs to do more than simply showcase why “Sunny Egypt” is the perfect destination for Kingdom visitors. He wants to visit. It is also important to note that the tourism promotion must reflect the real experience of British tourists in a way that is easily understood in order to be accepted.

In the statement, Google’s advertising and data science expert, Ahmad Khwileh, explained that the US multinational technology company adapted an Egypt tourism ad campaign for a British audience with How to automatically turn ads on and off based on actual weather information at the user’s location shared via smart devices.

According to this expert, for example, when it is snowing in London, the ad content will be automatically turned on to show images of a sunny sky in Egypt with historical sights, inspiring tourists. visitors “follow the sun” and stimulate the desire to explore a warm Egypt, to avoid the harsh cold of winter in the UK.

Google says ETA has been using outreach campaigns targeting potential tourists in UK cities with short 20-second promotional videos.

The personalized travel ads really helped create a sense of belonging for the North African country’s brand, says El-Kady.

Mr. El-Kady added that the incredible success of the Egyptian tourism promotion campaign in the UK market is one of the main reasons why ETA plans to collaborate with Google for advertising and communication for a campaign. same by the end of this year.

Egypt is a popular destination for British tourists. From 2010 to 2015, the UK was ranked second and fourth among countries with the largest number of tourists visiting Egypt. During last winter, an estimated 500,000 British tourists visited the North African country. In April of this year, the British Daily Mail ranked Egypt as one of the best summer vacation destinations in 2022.

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