Google tracks users even when they use Incognito mode, potentially paying $ 5 billion in compensation

Tram Ho

According to Bloomberg, a California judge issued the verdict on Friday, claiming Google faces a class action lawsuit, alleging that the search giant secretly collects data. from users, even if they are using “Incognito” incognito mode.

Three users filed a complaint last June, accusing Google of “out-of-control user tracking”, and tracking continued even when the user used protective measures. personal information, such as Incognito mode in Chrome or private browsing in Safari and other browsers. The lawsuit claims at least $ 5 billion.

Google theo dõi người dùng ngay cả khi họ sử dụng chế độ Incognito, có khả năng phải bồi thường 5 tỷ USD - Ảnh 1.

Google tried to dismiss the lawsuit, but judge Lucy Koh claimed that Google was defrauding users. Because Google has “not notified the user of the data collection even if they are using private browsing mode”.

Google told the judge it had explained to its users that the Incognito regime did not mean complete stealth. User activity is then still displayed with the websites they visit and any 3rd party advertising or analytics services.

Google spokesperson José Castañeda did not acknowledge the allegations and said: “We will defend ourselves strongly against this incident.” José emphasized that Chrome’s incognito mode simply doesn’t log a user’s activity in their web browser or on their device.

“When you open a new incognito tab, websites can still collect information about your browsing activity,” a Google spokesperson added.

Reference: theverge

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