Google testing unsafe search results warning feature

Tram Ho

Search engine giant Google is testing a new solution to protect users from potentially unreliable or misleading search results.

Google thử nghiệm tính năng cảnh báo kết quả tìm kiếm không an toàn - Ảnh 1.

In this age of pervasive fake news, Google will have to find a way to combat such forms of fake news. And one of the solutions that Google is aiming for, is to build a fact-checking mechanism to determine the authenticity of search results.

The fact-checking of search results will help further improve the quality of information through search engines.

However, the fact-checking mechanism is sometimes ineffective when breaking news is flooding the daily newspapers, making it difficult to verify and authenticate the content. In the event that Google cannot guarantee the authenticity of a search query, the search engine will issue a warning to the user.

Google will of course also provide an explanation for the warning, as it says the topic you are looking for is new information. Google’s algorithms for verifying the authenticity of information will take time to increase the credibility of the information source.

Google thử nghiệm tính năng cảnh báo kết quả tìm kiếm không an toàn - Ảnh 2.

Like social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, Google is putting mechanisms in the form of deep learning algorithms to limit the spread of fake news. In addition, many other social media platforms are also trying to prevent the use of these platforms as a vehicle for spreading fake news.

For cases where it is not possible to quickly verify the authenticity of the search results, the user will be notified of the authenticity of the search results that are being further crawled. In addition, Google suggests that users can come back later to check the authenticity of the search results.

Google confirmed it started testing more than a week ago. The alert is currently only appearing in a handful of English-language search queries in the US, mostly developing stories and trending topics. But this feature promises to soon appear in many countries in the near future.

Hopefully after Google launches this new feature, it will contribute to improving the quality of Google’s search. Recently, Google also added an About button to improve search quality.

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