Google severed ties with Huawei, their smartphones will not be updated Android anymore

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According to private sources, Reuters has cut business relations with Huawei, after President Donald Trump signed a decree to declare a state of emergency , banning all US telecom operators from using equipment. of Huawei or corporations from “hostile nations”. This means, Google will not cooperate with Huawei by transferring software, hardware and supporting them in technology. Huawei will have to find open source technology sources, or develop its own technology to continue creating new smartphones, as well as the technology devices they develop with the help of Google.

Of course, in the country, Huawei will have no problem, because they have been developing their own operating system in case American corporations cooperate with them to cut ties. Now the concern has happened and Huawei will have to create a new OS for its smartphone devices. Although in the home market of China, Huawei will be unharmed, but in the international market, it is inevitable that Google will stop cooperating in a bid to compete with the other two leading brands. market share of smartphones with them, that is Samsung and Apple.

According to Reuters, “Huawei will only be allowed to use the public version of Android from now on, and will not be able to receive exclusive applications and services from Google.”

After last Thursday, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd was blacklisted for companies that were not traded with US partners, after President Trump signed the decree. On Friday, the US Department of Commerce said it was considering lowering its ban on Huawei to “prevent disruption in the supply of equipment and operation of existing telecommunications systems.” But it is in the infrastructure equipment segment, and the mobile device software segment is another story.

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In addition, it is unclear how the US prohibits Huawei from affecting the global supply chain system. Many experts believe that Huawei’s chip development segment will not be able to continue to operate effectively as it does without the help of American businesses.

Currently according to Google, there are about 2.5 billion Android devices worldwide. Huawei is one of the corporations with the highest number of Android devices. Of course, Google’s stay with Huawei does not affect the AOSP version, the Open Source Project Android, the open source project anyone wants to use, but in return, Huawei will not have the most important thing that many companies are having. It is Google’s own support to develop its own applications and services.

In March, Eric Xu, Huawei’s rotating president, declared frankly: “Google or the Android community has absolutely no right to prohibit us from using open source resources.” Google means that, from now on, all of Huawei’s smartphone devices will not have Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, and will not have the Google Play Store so that users can install applications on the device. It is likely that Huawei’s current devices, sold before the day Google announced it would cut the partnership, would not be affected.

Meanwhile in China, most of the above Google services are banned by the virtual Great Wall that Huawei developed for the Chinese government, instead people use similar services, From MXH, shopping apps to app markets developed by corporations like Tencent or Baidu. So in the home market, the fact that Google cuts off relations with Huawei will not make much sense. Huawei’s most affected market will be Europe, its second largest market. “Owning proprietary Google applications is a prerequisite for a smartphone company to compete in regions like Europe,” said Geoff Blaber, CSS Insight vice president.

According to Reuters

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