Google quickly copies the unique feature of the Zoom application

Tram Ho

In the context of the intense Covid-19 epidemic worldwide, many people had to study and work from home. That is also the reason why the Zoom group video calling application has become very popular, with a very high number of users. However, Zoom is facing many security-related issues, causing many companies and schools to ban the use of this application.

When competitors were struggling, Google quickly copied a unique feature of Zoom for its Meet online meeting application. It is the gallery view interface when meeting online, so you can see everyone in the meeting.

Google nhanh tay copy tính năng độc đáo nhất của ứng dụng Zoom - Ảnh 1.

Previously, Google Meet could only display 4 people on the screen at a time. But with the new gallery view interface, Meet can display up to 16 people at a time. However, Zoom can display up to 49 people at once, which means a lot more. But the increase of 16 people shows that Google also recognizes this as a useful and necessary feature, especially suitable for online learning.

Besides, Google also improved some features of Meet. As optimized for Chrome browser, low light mode when used by smartphones to save battery. And the external noise cancellation feature will be provided to G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education users.

Previously, Google and Alphabet also banned employees from using the Zoom application on laptops, due to failing to meet network security standards. Zoom currently has two major issues: there are no transmission encryption measures at meetings and the easy-to-guess participation codes cause “zoombombing” (like photo-bombing) when Strangers can also join anyone’s meeting.

Reference: theverge

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