Google Play is in the top dangerous application store

Tram Ho is the application store that contains the most malware in 2019. The second place belongs to Google Play.

According to RiskIQ’s (2019) mobile software threats, a total of 61,669 new malicious Android software has been uploaded to the app store.

Meanwhile, 2nd place in the ranking belongs to Google Play with 25,647 bad applications. The remaining names in the top 5 of the rankings are from China such as Zhushou (Qihoo 360), Feral or Vmall (Huawei).

Apple’s App Store is not on the list of dangerous app stores. This shows that the “defective apple” has a team to evaluate intensive applications, effectively remove malware. “The Apple Store is like a fortress and rarely has dangerous applications,” said RiskIQ representative.

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List of application stores containing many bad software in 2019. Photo: RiskIQ .

According to RiskIQ, Google’s security control on the Play Store is improved. The number of blacklisted apps dropped by 76.4% in 2019. Besides, the number of malicious apps globally decreased by 20%, from 213,279 in 2018 to 170,796 in 2019.

There are about 8.9 million new software uploaded to app stores in 2019, 18% higher than in 2018. Most of these new applications (both clean and malicious) are mostly from home users. Chinese development.

The top 3 stores with the highest number of mobile upload apps are from China. This list includes GK APKs (1,687,757 apps), Pure APKs (890,479 apps), and Android APKs (809,818 apps). The fourth and fifth place, respectively, belong to Google (714,678 applications) and Apple (465,676 applications).

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Source : Techtalk