Google is seeking permission from the US Government to continue working with Huawei

Tram Ho

After being banned by the United States from cooperating with U.S. technology companies, Huawei faced many difficulties. In particular, Huawei’s new smartphones are no longer installed with familiar Google applications and services, making them very difficult to sell in international markets such as Europe.

To find a way to survive, Huawei had to develop its own operating system to replace Android, and its own app store to replace the Google Play Store. But these efforts have not yet been effective. Even so, Huawei has claimed that it can live without Google.

Google đang xin phép Chính phủ Mỹ để được tiếp tục hợp tác với Huawei - Ảnh 1.

According to a recent report by Finanzen, in another development, Google is asking the US Government for permission to continue cooperation with Huawei. A proactive move from Google, showing that Huawei is also of particular importance to the search giant.

Previously, Microsoft also applied for a license from the US Government and could continue to license Windows operating system to Huawei. If Google is also licensed, its partnership with Huawei may resume immediately. Huawei smartphones will be allowed to install the Play Store, and services like Gmail and Google Maps.

Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, with 238 million Android smartphones shipped in 2019. Enough to see how important that is to Google, when the search giant loses one. huge amount of users if not cooperating with Huawei.

It seems that the last door is open for Huawei, all difficulties and troubles may disappear, if Google asks for permission.

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