Google is said to be in talks to integrate Instagram and TikTok videos for the search engine

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Google is said to be in talks with ByteDance and Facebook to bring Instagram and TikTok videos to Google Search. If the deal goes through, you’ll be able to look up Instagram and TikTok videos on Google Search using popular keywords.

Currently, if you search for Instagram or TikTok videos on Google, you’ll only see videos re-uploaded on YouTube or another third-party platform, but Google’s goal is to change that. According to The Information, the search giant’s executives are currently negotiating deals with ByteDance and Facebook to get video data from TikTok and Instagram for the search engine.

Google được cho là đang đàm phán để tích hợp video Instagram và TikTok cho công cụ tìm kiếm - Ảnh 1.

In response, Google says that the ongoing discussions are standard discussions that its partner groups regularly hold with various members of the ecosystem. These discussions are intended to help members understand and apply SEO best practices for video content.

Google says it’s testing these short video search features with more than a dozen different content platforms around the world, not just TikTok and Instagram. Google denies that it pays to crawl video content from TikTok and Instagram on the search engine. Whether content from these platforms appears in Google’s search results is up to those platforms.

Finally, Google says it doesn’t prioritize YouTube search results over any other video provider, as its video rating system uses several inputs to display the results it gives. that people will find most relevant and useful.

Google được cho là đang đàm phán để tích hợp video Instagram và TikTok cho công cụ tìm kiếm - Ảnh 2.

It’s worth noting that last December, Google began testing a new feature that displays TikTok and Instagram videos on Google Search on mobile devices. The company is still testing the feature in some regions, and could roll it out more widely if Google strikes an agreement with ByteDance and Facebook. Google may also offer a similar feature in its desktop search engine if all consent is reached.

Reference: XDA Developers

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