Google is “joking” Apple about the widget feature on iOS 14, boasting of widgets since a decade ago

Tram Ho

iOS 14 launched with many interesting improvements such as a new user interface, widgets on the screen, pop-up notifications, video view outside of picture-in-picture apps, …

Google lại “cà khịa” Apple về tính năng widget trên iOS 14, khoe đã có widget từ cách đây cả thập kỷ - Ảnh 1.

However, few people know that, there are many features on iOS 14 that have appeared on the rival platform Android for a long time. It is therefore not surprising that Google resorted to these features to “rock” Apple.

In a recent Twitter post, Google’s @madebygoogle account posted the screen of the recently launched Google Pixel 4a. Interestingly, Google also wrote the description “ca khau” Apple.

Through widgets on the machine, Google wants to remind users about the existence of long-standing widgets. In the calendar application there are two quite interesting messages that say: “Did you realize we had widgets a long time ago” and “Tell the world about this”.


Google lại “cà khịa” Apple về tính năng widget trên iOS 14, khoe đã có widget từ cách đây cả thập kỷ - Ảnh 2.

Although I do not say it, everyone already understands the meaning of this quality “snoop” from Google. Widget first appeared on Android 1.0 version which was released in 2008.

That’s not to mention a host of other interesting features of iOS 14 that have appeared on Android for a long time, such as multi-window feature, off-screen video playback or pop-up notifications. Most of these features were exported between 2011-2012.

On iOS 14, the iPhone supports widgets with different sizes for the first time, allowing the display of weather forecast, calendar, podcats, appointments, …

The new update also brings Picture-in-Picture feature, which allows display video and FaceTime calls in the corner of the screen. The new operating system also improves the way Siri interacts with the system. Personal assistant will only display one icon at the bottom. The icon will show that Siri is listening to you, and will respond with a message at the top.

Meanwhile, iPadOS 14 brings the same new features as iOS 14 but optimized for the iPad. One of them is Scribble. This feature allows users to write by hand with the Apple Pencil and content will be automatically converted to typed text. This feature works in any app and supports multiple languages.

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