Google is interested in gradually shifting the production line of some devices to Vietnam

Tram Ho

At the beginning of the meeting, Deputy Minister Do Thang Hai affirmed that the United States is Vietnam’s top important partner, wishing to further promote trade and investment relations between the two countries, and affirmed that The Vietnamese government will create favorable conditions for the movement of global supply chains to Vietnam.

In that process, the role of direct investment capital flows from the United States, as well as the technology, financial and production bases of leading US corporations such as Google, Apple, Intel, Boeing, etc. Walmart… plays a very important role.

For his part, Mr. Darren Ward, Senior Director of Global Sourcing at Google Group said that Google, although only 25 years old, has now become one of the leading technology groups in the world. world. The company’s products are not only software products but also hardware and equipment such as phones, smart watches, tablets…

Google quan tâm đến việc chuyển dần dây chuyền sản xuất một số thiết bị sang Việt Nam - Ảnh 1.

This director said that Google is currently interested in gradually moving the production line of some devices to Vietnam, so it is very interested in Vietnam’s policies in the field of supporting industries, human resource development. High quality force and tax.

Talking with a representative of Google, Deputy Minister Do Thang Hai shared some information related to mechanisms, policies to support and give incentives for projects to produce supporting industry products (for electronic and industrial industries). high) may be related to Google’s production development plans in Vietnam in the future; At the same time, said that to promote Vietnamese domestic enterprises to participate in the supply chain of multinational corporations, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is coordinating with many ministries, branches and agencies and large enterprises (such as Samsung, Toyota, etc.). …), international organizations implement projects, consulting programs, production improvement, human resource training, science and technology development, digital transformation to improve the capacity of suppliers. Vietnamese level.

The Deputy Minister suggested that Google coordinate and accelerate the implementation of cooperation projects to find and develop potential suppliers in Vietnam.

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Source : Genk