Google is about to turn YouTube into a “mall”

Tram Ho

Google is an advertising agency and there are many ways it can profit from the types of services it offers to users, one of which is YouTube. The world’s largest online video sharing platform in 2019 brought Google a huge revenue of $ 15.15 billion. In the near future, Google may expand its platform into a wider field: turning YouTube into a “shopping mall”.

Google sắp biến YouTube thành trung tâm mua sắm - Ảnh 1.

If you are a person watching videos on YouTube, surely you are no longer too familiar with the saying that YouTubers often insert in the video when advertising or introducing a certain product: “I will leave product description below the description so you can click on “ . According to a report from Bloomberg, in the future, interacting with products in video may become easier when Google launches a “shopping tool”, allowing the product’s link to be directly displayed on screen.

YouTube expands its platform to become a place where content creators and viewers can interact more quickly with the product featured in the video. In China, the social network Douyin (TikTok) is taking full advantage of its advantages, using the shopping tool to integrate product links directly in the video posted by content creators. This model has been adopted by TikTok for many years and it has proven extremely effective in marketing products.

Google sắp biến YouTube thành trung tâm mua sắm - Ảnh 2.

TikTok social media in China is also using a similar “shopping” model, which gives viewers quick access to where to sell products with links that appear directly on the screen.

As mentioned above, Google is an advertising company and depends heavily on different types of advertising services, so leveraging its largest video sharing platform to get more profit than one. sooner or later it will have to happen.

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Source : Genk