Google is about to launch ‘rival of Apple AirTag’?

Tram Ho

Apple AirTag is a device used to track objects without an Internet connection. Via Bluetooth from nearby iPhones, this device sends location information to the owner of the tracked object on Find My.

Interestingly, the above objects do not stop at wallets or keys but can be luggage when traveling, bicycles, motorbikes…

Samsung has already launched a similar device of their own, and Google also seems to be developing an “AirTag rival” with the very interesting name “Grogu”.

Google sắp cho ra đời "đối thủ của Apple Airtag"? - Ảnh 1.

Grogu is an alien character in the Disney+ television series Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Source: Disney+).

According to leaked source Kuba Wojciechowski, the device called “Grogu” or “Groguaudio” or “GR10” will integrate speakers like AirTag, support UWB (Ultra-Wideband) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity and There will be different colors.

UWB is important because it is a very high frequency signal transmission protocol that results in higher data rates, allowing for extremely precise location tracking. It should be noted that AirTag also supports this technology that allows providing precise location data to iPhones with UWB chips.

Along with “Grogu”, Google will also launch a Find My of its own. And most likely they will also leverage Android devices to like AirTag with iPhone.

Google sắp cho ra đời "đối thủ của Apple Airtag"? - Ảnh 2.

Illustration of “Grogu” (Source: Time.News).

Kuba Wojciechowski adds that there is no exact date yet on when Google will release Grogu, but it could be revealed at Google I/O (annual developer conference organized by Google). by the end of 2023.

Also, “Grogu” may not be the last name of the device.

Finally, Google is said to be working with multiple chip manufacturers to support Fast Pair technology (Google’s proprietary standard for quickly pairing Bluetooth devices when they’re close to each other for the first time using BLE) so that Other parties may create their own “AirTag”.

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