Google discovered a flaw in the Safari browser that caused users to be monitored

Tram Ho

In December last year, Apple fixed a series of bugs found in its Safari browser, allowing third-party websites to track users’ browsing habits. According to a recently published document by security team from Google, the search giant has informed Apple about many of the vulnerabilities in anti-tracking technology called Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) of Apple. vacant in August 2019.

In 2017, Apple launched ITP, one of the highest-rated privacy protection tools for web surfers around the world. The system will periodically delete first-party cookies and block default third-party cookies, making it difficult for advertisers to track users.

In the document, Google’s security team said the vulnerabilities it discovered would allow third-party companies to capture sensitive and private information during a user’s web surfing. The flaw even allowed a website to perform a cross-site attack and put a domain name on the ITP list.

Google phát hiện lỗ hổng trong trình duyệt Safari khiến người dùng bị theo dõi - Ảnh 1.

In December 2019, Apple silently patched the flaw and thanked Google the team, but didn’t get into the details of the problem:

We want to thank Google for sending us a report, in which they explored the ability to detect when web content is handled differently by the anti-tracking system and its consequences. potentially with that process. Their responsible move allowed us to design and test the changes detailed above. “

In August of last year, Google’s security team revealed a series of web attacks against the Uyghur Muslim community in China through vulnerabilities that exist on iOS.

On the other side of the line, Google’s Chrome browser is often criticized for its lack of privacy protection tools. Last week, the company said it would “follow” Safari and Firefox to block third party cookies, but the process will take … 2 years.

Reference: TheNextWeb

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