Google confirms that Pixel smartphones will no longer receive software updates

Tram Ho

Google announced monthly updates for its smartphones a few days ago, but Pixel and Pixel XL are not among the devices that receive this update. The search giant also has an official answer.

Those are the Pixel and Pixel XL that don’t receive the November update, but will continue to receive the December update. But that will also be the last update, marking the end of the two Pixel smartphones. first generation.

Google xác nhận những chiếc smartphone Pixel sẽ không còn được nhận cập nhật phần mềm - Ảnh 1.

That means that by 2020, Pixel and Pixel XL users will be abandoned by Google and will not receive any software updates anymore, of course there will be no subsequent Android versions.

Not surprisingly, Google decided to discontinue support for Pixel and Pixel XL. These two smartphones have been released since 2016, promised by Google to update Android in two years and update security patches in three years.

Reference: androidauthority

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