Google Chrome launches a roadmap to “eliminate” all the most annoying ads on YouTube

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The decision was made after Coalition for Better Ads ads conducted research to identify disruptive types of ads in videos with content less than 8 minutes. The survey was conducted on 45,000 people in 8 countries.

Google Chrome khởi động lộ trình “dẹp bỏ” hết những loại quảng cáo gây bực bội nhất trên YouTube - Ảnh 1.

The organization said that pre-skippable ads or ads longer than 31 seconds (without the Skip Ad button), along with ads that display suddenly in the middle of the video, interrupt content and One-third of full screen ads are the types of ads that people hate on YouTube in particular and online video sites in general.

For this reason, Google has decided to change the way ads are displayed to avoid disturbing users.

Google said that starting on August 5 , 2020 , the ads mentioned above will be blocked by default on Google Chrome and Google will begin to improve the way ads on YouTube are handled to resolve complaints. on.

An important part to note is that YouTube, like other video content sites, will have to comply with the standards. Google said the company will update its advertising standards to match. The company will also inform web producers and video content creators of the new changes to remind them not to violate the rules.

Google Chrome khởi động lộ trình “dẹp bỏ” hết những loại quảng cáo gây bực bội nhất trên YouTube - Ảnh 2.

A Google representative wrote: “If you are operating a website that displays ads, you should see the site status in the Ad Experience Report, a tool that helps publishers know when they have violated the terms related to advertising. Starting this week, we will update the Ad Experience Report and provide additional information to help publishers resolve any issues with the new video standards. “

Although users can still block ads on YouTube at this time with third-party extensions on Google Chrome. Unfortunately, that function does not exist on the mobile version of the YouTube app. So it’s not clear how Google will handle this issue on Android and iOS.

Earlier, Google launched the YouTube Premium service. With this service of YouTube, users will not need to worry about advertising but of course you will have to pay a monthly fee to enjoy that benefit.

Google Chrome khởi động lộ trình “dẹp bỏ” hết những loại quảng cáo gây bực bội nhất trên YouTube - Ảnh 3.

The fact that Google is aggressively engaging advertising activities that annoys users can be a big step towards improving the user experience. However, it could also threaten the firm’s revenue since advertising is still the main source of revenue for YouTube and Google.

Advertising has long been a controversial story in the tech world. Ads are distracting, slow down web pages, consume data and battery, and even spread malicious code. Because of this, many people often choose to use ad blockers to avoid seeing too many unwanted things.

In addition to working hard on the issue of advertising, Google is said to have other measures to protect Chrome users. Specifically from Chrome 80 has just launched, Google will manage tighter pop-ups. Accordingly, these pop-ups will need to ask you before displaying the message.

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