Google Chrome is about to have the ability to combine multiple tabs into one group

Tram Ho

Google will update this new feature for Chrome browser next week.

Today, Google says it will soon integrate tab grouping in Chrome browser. This is a very interesting feature, which many Chrome users expect. By the habit of current browser users are opening lots of tabs, sometimes up to several dozen tabs at once. So they really need a feature that can group and manage these browser tabs easily.

Right now, users can experience this new feature in the latest version of Chrome Beta. For the official version of Chrome, Google says it will update tab grouping next week.

Google Chrome sắp có thêm tính năng gộp nhiều tab thành một nhóm - Ảnh 1.

With the new feature, Chrome users can customize each tab by right-clicking on that tab, then giving their own name and color. Tabs of the same color will be grouped together. You can divide into groups by work, entertainment, contact. You can also drag a tab from one group to another to change the arrangement.

Chrome is not the first browser to have this feature, before Vivaldi also had the feature of grouping tabs. However, this browser is not really popular, especially in Vietnam. With Chrome in the past, users were forced to use 3rd party extensions if they wanted to have tab grouping. However, now users can use the main feature provided by Google.

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Source : Techtalk