Google “bottle face” insert Duo video call link when users mention “Zoom” on Android

Tram Ho

Recently, an Android user had “unmasked” Google that the company intentionally inserted a “Start Video Call” button – which when clicked would activate the Google Duo video calling application – into the conversation in he asked his colleague to join his Zoom call.

Through screenshots that the user mentioned above, it can be seen that he did not mention the phrase “video call” in the conversation, but the messaging app Messages developed by Google Still adding “Start Video Call” button to advertise its “Google Duo” app. It is worth mentioning that the Zoom application has been installed on the user’s device, but Google has intentionally ignored this.

Google “chai mặt” chèn link gọi video Duo khi người dùng nhắc đến “Zoom” trên Android - Ảnh 1.

The move of the search giant has raised many questions surrounding anti-competitive behavior that it targets other companies in the video conferencing industry, such as Zoom, Skype …

Google’s “Messages” app is pre-installed on billions of Android devices, and even if you want it, users can’t remove it.

So is Google’s monopoly a threat?

Google has been developing a lot of solutions for almost every field with a large number of users. From a search engine, to the largest Android app store today is the Play Store.

Music, video, podcast, and messaging apps … Google brings its services into every corner of the industry, and installs default apps on users’ Android phones. .

The cause comes from the machine learning model on Android?

Is not. Adding the “Start video call” button mentioned above is a data analysis system and offers real-time recommendations.

A machine learning neural algorithm is always designed to work regardless of which company the content belongs to.

In the above case, the user doesn’t mention “video call” at all, but the Android Messages app still recommends making a Duo call, indirectly favoring “Google Duo” over competitors.

Zoom and companies should be worried?

Exactly. The situation above is a genuine example of Google taking advantage of its power to shape a monopoly in the industry. In order to attract customers using the desktop, where Google always has a way to install junk applications, they have added a feature that reduces noise to increase competitiveness compared to Zoom and other video conferencing companies. .

Google “chai mặt” chèn link gọi video Duo khi người dùng nhắc đến “Zoom” trên Android - Ảnh 2.

Why are most Google apps loved by the community?

Google’s applications and services are popular because they are both free and ad-free. To do that, Google has used an inexhaustible fund to develop applications and solutions for industries with a large user base.

For example, Android Messages is installed by default on more than 90% of Android phones and is used to promote the company’s products. Or Google Podcast, which currently dominates the Play Store podcast category, when it’s completely free, ad-free, and has the most users in the podcast community.

Reference: TheDigitalHacker

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