Going to the cloud: The inevitable path of transforming numbers 4.0

Tram Ho

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Moving to the cloud has become one of the most important tasks businesses must prioritize to become a modern and efficient business.

Referring to the competitive advantage of cloud computing, we cannot help but mention digital transformation. This is a leading advantage for many businesses in the process of transformation to become more flexible and competitive in the industry.

However, there are still quite a few businesses that are not fully aware of the great benefits of the cloud, they still only use physical servers and servers, which makes businesses more expensive to operate. operation and maintenance, not counting incidents that occurred during operation.

Digital transformation is currently the top priority of almost every CIO because the cloud has a significant impact on how businesses operate, generating return on investment, and improving performance. In which Cloud plays a very important role in building digital infrastructure with the highest availability. Cloud allows businesses to “run” faster and the entire organization can work anywhere without any interruption.

Apply cloud computing technology to improve business processes

The theory behind digital transformation in all businesses, large and small, is the same. The purpose of using technology is not only to recreate an existing service in digital form, but also to turn that service into a better one.

However, technology analysis organization Forrester recently reported that businesses are facing some difficulties in the process of digital transformation. And those businesses believe that today’s hot technologies like Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make digital transformation easier, creating huge benefits.

In fact, this is not always the case. Some technologies will be difficult to apply such as AI, which is very complicated. However, in some other business areas, such as Secure Cloud Hosting, for example, the adoption of AI becomes advantageous. As such, it can be seen that the cloud is very suitable for digital conversion.

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By applying the cloud, businesses can modernize their IT infrastructure, improve security, and focus on how they serve digital customers. Instead of being concerned about Big Data and AI, businesses should first move to the cloud. With an open, modern approach to technology, businesses should start thinking about how they can use technology to improve their operations, processes and services.

Cloud computing makes it easier for businesses to convert numbers

Many businesses are still using old and out-of-date resources, applications, software, technology. Old applications and systems will always have certain operational limits. Businesses will not be able to use legacy platforms to build new digital services. For example, it would be inconvenient and difficult to build a mobile application for users on an platform that cannot be easily updated.

If you want to adopt mobile applications or replace flexible working methods, you need to have a secure platform that can easily be updated as your business and customer needs change. change. In short, businesses need to start digitizing through the cloud.

The BizFly Cloud ecosystem provides diverse cloud solutions to help businesses transform digital successfully

Once the business has the right vision, the right strategy, and the strong support of BizFly Cloud – the leading cloud provider in Vietnam, the digital transformation will take place more comprehensively and quickly throughout business set.

– BizFly Cloud Server – Cloud server with high speed, superior security and stability

– BizFly Simple Storage – S3 API compatible object storage system is used to store or backup data for businesses with high security and flexibility.

– BizFly Pre-built Application – Simplify application installation on BizFly Cloud Server with just 1 mouse click

– BizFly Load Balancer – Increases system stability

– BizFly Business Mail – Email for businesses with unlimited accounts

– BizFly CDN – Speed ​​up and protect websites effectively

– BizFly Container Registry – Store the Docker Image securely

– BizFly VPN site to site – High-security connection

– BizFly Alert – Automatic alert system

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To date, BizFly Cloud has developed and completed to become a comprehensive and strong cloud ecosystem for more than 200 news and press websites, trusted by more than 3000 customers, owning more than 50,000,000 readers. track. The major partners of BizFly Cloud include big names such as VTV, tuoitre.vn, Adayroi.vn, vntrip.vn …

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