God’s eyes of darkness, performance beyond standards… and many breakthroughs for the Galaxy S22 Series to create a new standard

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As a “implicit” rule in the world of technology, each new product that comes out must contain outstanding improvements and upgrades to be able to meet rigorous demands and make a deep impression on customers. with the user. Standing on the role of a pioneering manufacturer, this invisibly created pressure but also became an inspiration to help Samsung always break the current standards to bring users more and more intelligent smartphones. smarter and stronger.

Mắt thần bóng đêm, hiệu năng vượt chuẩn... và nhiều đột phá để Galaxy S22 Series tạo chuẩn mới - Ảnh 1.

With the newly launched Galaxy S22 Series generation, Samsung once again affirms its outstanding technology mark when officially exploring and setting a new standard for high-end Galaxy smartphones.

Mắt thần bóng đêm, hiệu năng vượt chuẩn... và nhiều đột phá để Galaxy S22 Series tạo chuẩn mới - Ảnh 2.

The outstanding highlight on the Galaxy S22 Series in particular as well as the Galaxy S in general must be the camera because this is considered a “tailor-made” product line for photography lovers. Speaking at the event, Mr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Experience at Samsung Electronics shared: “The Galaxy S22 Series will be a high-performance tool for creating impactful content. With enhanced video capture, editing and sharing capabilities, this smartphone defies everyday norms while empowering people from around the world to build a global future. face”.

And indeed the camera on the Galaxy S22 Series has broken all the standards established from the previous generation. Every photo is now not only filled with detail with 108MP high resolution, but also comes alive with the unique Adaptive Pixel pixel binning algorithm, taking the immersive visual experience to a whole new level. The new generation 100x Space Zoom system on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is also fine-tuned to further enhance sharp details

Mắt thần bóng đêm, hiệu năng vượt chuẩn... và nhiều đột phá để Galaxy S22 Series tạo chuẩn mới - Ảnh 3.

“Galaxy cameras are constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of users,” said Mr. Won Joon Choi, Head of Flagship Product Research and Development Department.

On the other hand, if low light is always a “difficult problem” for not only smartphones but even professional cameras, then the Galaxy S22 Series is also ready to challenge the dark with the innovative Nightography feature. impressive period.

Video makers will now no longer hesitate to use the Galaxy S22 Series to create at night when the entire ability to “brighten” on photos is fully inherited and is strongly supported by the anti-glare feature. OIS shake combined with VDIS image stabilization.

Nightography – a new content trend initiated by Samsung thanks to the camera set that is likened to the ‘dark eye’ on the S22 Series, this will certainly be an inspiration for a more lively nightlife. , so that young people can freely create new content to lead the trend.

Mắt thần bóng đêm, hiệu năng vượt chuẩn... và nhiều đột phá để Galaxy S22 Series tạo chuẩn mới - Ảnh 4.

What’s more, AI’s processing power is also enhanced, taking existing features like Portrait Mode to a new level with the ability to isolate and process separate subjects, helping you always get the right photos. Portrait of radiant personality no matter night or day.

In addition to the standard camera upgrades, Samsung also promotes creative inspiration in users by equipping a new S Pen with extremely low latency on the Galaxy S22 Ultra version. From here, you can freely take notes, write, draw anything, turning your phone into a powerful utility tool serving from work to entertainment, meeting the trendy modern lifestyle.

Mắt thần bóng đêm, hiệu năng vượt chuẩn... và nhiều đột phá để Galaxy S22 Series tạo chuẩn mới - Ảnh 5.

And to meet the smooth experience throughout, Samsung does not hesitate to equip the Galaxy S22 Series with the latest 4nm processor. This is considered an important upgrade when this new processor contains outstanding AI power, delivering impressive performance and energy savings. Combined with a high-capacity battery of up to 5000mAh on the Ultra version and 45W fast charging technology, users always enjoy easy comfort in every task including multitasking.

In addition, the Galaxy S22 Series also changes the experience and way of working with the perfect combination with the new generation of Galaxy Tab S8 Series tablets. The seamless intuitive experience on One UI 4 allows users to be fully proactive in any situation and control their work anytime, anywhere with the ability to switch between phones and tablets without limits.

Or even, the Galaxy S22 Series can transform into a customizable palette that you can easily use when creating without spending a lot of time searching for tools. All are linked and unified on one platform of the Galaxy ecosystem, so that users can fully enjoy the standard working and living style in their own way.

Mắt thần bóng đêm, hiệu năng vượt chuẩn... và nhiều đột phá để Galaxy S22 Series tạo chuẩn mới - Ảnh 6.

Not only stopping at the upgrades towards the maximum experience, the Galaxy S22 Series also becomes a symbolic product for Samsung’s spirit and responsibility for the world environment. Following the journey of Galaxy For The Planet, this latest generation of flagships has contributed to pioneering the protection of the ocean environment by using materials recycled from discarded fishing nets.

Through the use of this material on the hardware keys, speaker module and packaging made of 100% recycled paper, Samsung has shown its strong voice and practical actions, implementing in line with the commitment to reduce e-waste, towards long-term sustainable development.

Currently, Galaxy S22 Series has started to launch the early registration program from February 10, 2022 to the end of February 16, 2022 with a gift of more than 10 million VND with attractive privileges, refer to here .

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