God of War wins big on Steam: Over 70,000 players, 97% positive reviews, is Sony’s best PC port

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God of War (2018) officially landed on PC on January 14 and quickly created a terrible fever in the world gaming community. On the Steam platform, this game is receiving a lot of praise, and also set impressive records, showing that Sony’s move when porting its “baby” to PC is absolutely right. corpse.

Specifically, God of War has become the name with the best debut on Steam with the number of players reaching 73,000 people, surpassing the number of 56,000 people previously held by Horizon Zero Dawn. This achievement can be said to be extremely impressive, especially when the Internet has begun to appear “crack” versions of this game.

God of War đại thắng trên Steam: Hơn 70.000 người chơi, 97% lượt đánh giá tích cực, là bản port PC tốt nhất của Sony - Ảnh 1.

God of War is getting a lot of praise on Steam and is Sony’s best PC port to date.

Quantity is great, quality is not inferior. As mentioned above, God of War is receiving a rain of extremely positive reviews from gamers, accounting for 97% of reviews on Steam – a terrible number that no blockbuster game has. God of War also becomes the highest quality PC port to date of PlayStation and Sony. Before that, Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone also did very well when owning 84% and 93% of positive reviews, respectively.

That partly shows that Sony is gradually improving the quality of game ports on its PC. And gamers have the right to hope that their next product, Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves Collections, will also achieve the same feat. This is not only the first project of the producer Naughty Dog to be released on the computer, but also the first Uncharted port to come to players who are only loyal to the PC platform.

In addition, some sources believe that Sony will continue to promote its strategy of releasing PlayStation-exclusive titles to computers, even though they have not announced any more projects like Uncharted: Legacy. of Thieves Collection. That means that it is likely that in the near future, PC gamers will be able to experience big blockbusters like Ghost of Tsushima or Sackboy: A Big Adventure themselves, instead of having to play through “YouTube emulators” like before anymore.

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