Gmail to automatically add events to Google Calendar for business users

Ngoc Huynh

Google Apps users, take notice: Gmail and Google Calendar will start working together, with Gmail automatically adding travel-related events to your schedule, the company announced Tuesday.

Whenever an email that contains flight, hotel, restaurant, or any ticketed event information lands in your Gmail inbox, it will be automatically added to your Google Calendar, check-in times and flight numbers included. Furthermore, if you receive an email that changes an existing event, that event will also be automatically changed in Calendar.

The feature will be enabled by default (both on desktop and mobile Calendar), but users can choose to turn it off or delete individual events that were automatically created. The events will be visible only to the owner, even if the calendar is shared with someone else.

Following the launch next week, the feature will gradually roll out over the next days Note that the feature is available for all Google Apps customers except those using Google Apps for Government.

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