Give me the laziest people that money can buy

In this article Jeff Atwood refers to a "smart lazy" style, which is actually a more efficient way of managing time. In the era of information explosion and communication methods today, you are very easy to fall into activities such as chit chat, facebook, check email, news … leading to distraction in your current job. When doing certain tasks that require concentration, you should turn off all these distractions! :)

Omar Shahine recently published an article that inspires laziness:

Every few minutes an email arrives and the desktop alert with the sound makes it very easy for me to lose focus on my current job and have to look at the inbox of the mailbox. While I really like this feature of Outlook when it was just born, it has now become the Asin heel in its productivity.

If you want to get the job done, you have to learn how to appreciate laziness as a positive personality trait. And I would like to take this issue to a higher level: you should also turn off the notification section whenever there is new chat content.

There are many details about this in two articles by Ole Eichhorn, Tyranny of Email and Tyranny Revisited:

Whenever you are doing something that does not require concentration, by all its means, run your email client application, run an IM chat program, be able to notify it. Turn on, receive phone calls … But when you really need to get the job done, turn everything off. Please isolate yourself.

In some cases it is the laziness that can help your job, if you follow the following:

1. Choose things you should not do

The world today is an explosive combination of many possible approaches. And the noise rate is increasing. It is important to choose what not to do – and one might think that it is more important – the choice of what to do. This is laziness that works: why spend 5 days doing thorough research on 10 different solutions when you can quickly eliminate 8 of them based on a number of criteria main standard? Aim for the main goal. Hone your skills to remove the fastest inappropriate approaches you can. Downloading the code of some of the available modules is much faster than writing it yourself.

2. Balance between communication and isolation

Every day we always have to communicate in normal activities – via phone, chat, email, social networks … The price for all these regular communication activities is increasing because it does interrupt your work. In some areas, like management, interruption is a sign of something being done. But it is a harmful factor in software development. If we cannot be fully focused on work, it is difficult for us to work effectively, so communication must be carefully managed and sometimes delayed.

3. People cannot raise their capacity like machines

Developers are really lazy, making machines work for them. This is in part due to the impetus of self-interest, but smart developers know that people can't lift capacity like machines. If you want to always complete the task on time, trust it, and you want the most excluded human factor in your ability to accept it. For every problem that lost me time, I asked myself – how can I never have to face this problem again? If my solution can overcome it, no one will have trouble with that problem, it is also a very good side effect.

Now, there is a clear distinction between smart lazy, as described above – lazy makes our lives a little easier – and simply don't lift Your butt out of the chair. If I am building a software company, I will work hard to find the laziest people I can.

ITZone via vinacode

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