GitHub Enterprise users get project management, data access improvements

Ngoc Huynh

New capabilities include the GraphQL API, project boards, and API rate limiting.

GitHub has added data access tools and advanced project management to GitHub Enterprise, the on-premises version of the company’s code-sharing platform.

Here are the notable features in GitHub Enterprise 2.10, which can be installed on a user’s own hardware or on a cloud service such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure:

  • The GraphQL API to help developers to build their own tools with greater access to data via the same API used to build GitHub itself
  • Project boards give users are provided a history of project activities, including notifications as to which team member was behind each action.
  • For project reviews, a filter prioritizes pull requests, such as a request for items still awaiting review, an approved pull request, or requests that are ready to be merged. Users also can specify who is permitted to dismiss reviews on a protected branch.
  • Version 2.0.0 of Git LFS (Large File Storage), which offers an early version of file locking, to prevent multiple updates at the same time.
  • Administrators can configure API rate limiting, which can prevent overuse of resources, from the management console.
  • To organize repositories, administrators can manually add tags to repositories for search and discovery. Topics can be designated for adding relevant data and group repositories by languages used, project functions, or teams responsible for maintaining a repository.
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