Ghosts in the clouds – mysterious Chinese attack

Tram Ho

Lasting for more than 10 years, “ghosts” attacked the US data clouds, causing investigators to bewildered. No one can confirm that the attacks have ended.

The attack is like stealing a key of a building.

The hacker group, later identified as APT10, attacked a variety of cloud service providers. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, the list of victims was only 14 unnamed companies.

After the incident, many cloud service providers tried to hide information from the attack. The true size was only revealed after the Wall Street Journal investigated, and showed the list of victims up to dozens of companies, and included many dumb names such as IBM, CGI Group (major cloud provider. Canada) or Tieto Ojy, a large Finnish business.

Thousands of victims

According to the Wall Street Journal, the APT10 attack and the subsequent response by Western security companies is one of the largest. Hundreds of companies have been hacked through cloud service providers, including many big companies like Philips, American Airlines, Deutsche Bank or GlaxoSmithKline.

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Source : Techtalk