Getting a group of students to hack hundreds of websites and payment intermediaries to steal money

Tram Ho

A group of students in Hanoi has been arrested for attacking, appropriating a lot of data, thereby stealing money from online payment accounts of hundreds of websites and four intermediary companies. math.

Department of Criminal Police (C02) – Ministry of Public Security, Department of Cyber ​​Security and High-tech Crime Prevention (Ministry of Public Security), Department of Cyber ​​Security and High-tech Crime Prevention, Hanoi Police just arrested a group of 4 students of Thai Nguyen University of Information Technology and Thai Nguyen Industrial University.

This group of four students was arrested for specializing in hacking accounts of hundreds of websites and payment companies to appropriate money.

Leading this group of students is Tuan Anh (23 years old, native of Quang Ninh). According to the investigation, Tuan Anh and his colleagues used a tool to scan vulnerabilities of websites of 4 intermediary intermediaries to commit unauthorized intrusion attacks to steal data, create balances for those accounts are electronic wallets, then use these accounts to buy scratch cards.

Objects Tuan Anh – Photo: Public Security Agency provides

Subjects continue to contact the scratch card dealer to resell these scratch cards, then transfer money to the bank accounts purchased through intermediary channels to buy and sell accounts, and then withdraw money to spend. personal.

Conducting a search, the police seized nearly 30 bank cards of various types with a total savings of about VND 3.2 billion and many other related materials and documents.

The initial investigation results, the objects claimed, in the period from 2013 to now have attacked hundreds of websites.

The Criminal Police Department affirmed that this vulnerability may exist in many other payment intermediaries in Vietnam and potentially high risk of being hacked into account, data theft.

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