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Would you like your iOS project to have a document like this?

Documentation created with Jazzy


As a programmer, you are responsible for your code. Therefore, programmers will often re-specify the code. And Jazzy will help programmers, create this useful documentation.

What is Jazzy?

Jazzy is a command-line application that can document Swift and Object-C. This application will help programmers create documents quickly. And programmers can share this document with anyone. You can even deploy to your website.

However, to get the standard documentation, you need to write the code according to Apple’s standards. You can refer to some of the following sources:

Install Jazzy

Install Xcode Command Line Tools

xcode-select —-install

Install Jazzy

[sudo] gem install jazzy

Check version

jazzy --version

Create documents

This is my project.

To get started, open a terminal and cd to that folder.

jazzy --min-acl internal --no-hide-documentation-coverage --theme fullwidth --output ./docs -x CODE_SIGNING_ALLOWED=NO

And this is the result

Now open the project folder you will see the docs folder.

1. –min-acl internal

The min-acl attribute to control the level of access created in the document. So functions or variables that are set to public will be created in the document, and Private will not. If you still want to create a document that includes everything, then fix internal to private.

2. –no-hide-documentation-coverage

Percentage of material covered.

3. –theme fullwidth

Customize the look of the document

4. –output ./docs

Path to contain the document after it is created.

Create Makefile to easily create documents

Instead of every time you have to retype the command line jazzy --min-acl internal --no-hide-documentation-coverage --theme fullwidth --output ./docs -x CODE_SIGNING_ALLOWED=NO to create a document. Now you simply use any text editor to create a new file and name it Makefile. Then copy the code as follows:

Now you just need to open the terminal

make documentation

Try it, document creation has never been so easy. Good luck.

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