Garmin launches second generation MARQ collection

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The second generation MARQ collection was officially launched from January 6, 2023 with 5 versions including: Athlete, Adventurer, Aviator, Captain, Golfer. “The MARQ models are premium professional watches for modern living, inspired by Garmin’s 30+ years of technological innovation.” – said Mr. Dan Bartel, Vice President of Global Business at Garmin.

MARQ 2 has built-in time zone change technology – Jet Lag Advisor for users who need to travel to multiple locations around the world. The Jet Lag Advisor feature will use the sleep and biological data measured on the watch. From there, provide guidelines on light exposure, adjust sleep schedules, nutrition and appropriate exercise based on the user’s destination, to minimize the impact. due to time zone difference. In addition, MARQ 2 still owns Garmin’s set of 24/7 high-performance health monitoring features such as heart rate measurement, straighter level measurement, sleep monitoring feature… At the same time, MARQ 2 owns GNSS multi-band positioning system, with outstanding accuracy in all harsh environmental conditions, and durable battery life of up to 16 days in smartwatch mode.

Garmin ra mắt bộ sưu tập MARQ thế hệ thứ hai - Ảnh 1.

Specifically, 5 dedicated versions of the second generation MARQ:

MARQ Adventure r accompanies adventurers on their journey of discovery. Features a hybrid watch band that combines FKM leather and rubber to help resist sweat and stains on every adventure. In particular, the bezel design shows a 360-degree omnidirectional compass and built-in ABC navigation sensor to help users stay on track. Also, with the preloaded Topoactive map and NextFork™ map guide, Climb Pro climbing planner, users can easily access real-time climbing data, navigation information, the height of the expedition…

MARQ Captain is crafted with elements typical of the maritime industry, in which the Regatta timer feature is supplemented with high-performance GPS navigation technology, automatically determining the exact starting point to help the captain sail. broadcast at the right time at the ideal location. With situations occurring on the ocean, Alerts and Alerts feature instantly provides real-time mooring and tidal changes alerts. Also, the train connection feature allows connection to a number of compatible Garmin charters and remote control of key MFD features.

The MARQ Athlete is crafted from a sturdy titanium case, a DLC coated bezel design with recovery time and VO2 Max, and an ultra-light, stylish rubber strap that optimizes sensor indicator accuracy. Athletes easily push their limits with performance metrics, fitness level tracking, and recovery with the Training Readiness feature.

MARQ Golfer is golf-inspired, with a green ceramic bezel that marks holes from 1 to 18. Built-in more than 42,000 preloaded worldwide golf courses, terrain and slope detection with features Green Contours (requires Garmin Golf app membership), plus Virtual Caddie Tactics, state-of-the-art match tracking data to help support goal and swing strategy putt perfectly and take your golfer’s performance to the next level.

The MARQ Aviator is crafted with passion for every aircraft, supporting direct navigation to the location or route waypoints leading to the nearest airport. In addition, important features such as worldwide aviation database, integrated Nexrad weather radar, including METAR, TAF, MOS reports notify when airport destination conditions change, when wind parameters, barometers exceed thresholds…, allowing users to get all the necessary information about the flight. In particular, the Jet Lag Advisor feature, guidance on light exposure, sleep and exercise schedules to minimize time difference.

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