Gamers “hunt” for LG UltraGear gaming monitor 144Hz 1ms

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LG UltraGear screen line has 7 models, but among them are the three most popular ones: 27GL850 (27 inch), 34GL850 (34 inch) and 38GN950 (38 inch). These 3 screen models are a combination of all the features that a gamer wishes, with a very reasonable price of VND 16,000,000, VND 26,500,000 and VND 41,900,000 respectively.

The world’s first 144ms 1ms Nano IPS display – The weapon of champions

For gamers, the biggest selling point of the LG UltraGear series is the refresh rate and response speed. This is one of the criteria “tattooed” when giving the screen “gunfight”, because it is a factor that greatly affects the performance and the results of the game, helping to improve the game experience. A new level.

LG UltraGear is “remembered by the gamers” because it is the first Nano IPS screen in the world to reach a response time of only 1ms. Put simply, the response rate is the speed at which color from one color of pixels on the screen is transferred. The higher the response speed, the sharper the motion picture, the less blurry. Most gaming monitors have a response time of under 5ms. The impressive 1ms figure helps LG UltraGear’s display of high-speed moving images that are really sharp and smooth like in reality.

In parallel with the impressive response speed, LG UltraGear has a 144Hz refresh rate. If you have ever experienced gaming on a gaming monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate, you will find it extremely different. Especially when playing high-speed games like FPS.

Giới game thủ săn lùng màn hình gaming LG UltraGear 144Hz 1ms - Ảnh 1.

LG UltraGear monitors feature standard refresh rates and response rates for large eSports tournaments.

Perfect to every frame

Instead of the boring TN or VA panels, LG UltraGear uses Nano IPS panels. IPS is inherently the preferred screen technology thanks to its ultra-wide viewing angle and the ability to reproduce stunning, vibrant images from any angle. In the UltraGear line, the IPS panel is also embedded with nano crystals, with 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, meeting the professional standards of the film industry. As a result, players can experience the feeling of being the center of the game with the game space lively as the intentions of the game developers.

Giới game thủ săn lùng màn hình gaming LG UltraGear 144Hz 1ms - Ảnh 2.

LG UltraGear brings a pleasing visual experience to gamers

As a high-end gaming monitor, of course LG UltraGear also supports 2 G-Sync and FreeSync 2 technologies via Display Port to dynamically adjust the screen’s refresh rate and limit the FPS rate that the PC outputs, Synchronize scan frequency with FPS level. When “real battle” on UltraGear, players will enjoy a smooth gaming experience, no tearing, stuttering, almost no lag.

Add personality to your own “game kingdom”

Not only conquering gamers with attractive features, LG UltraGear also scored in a bold gaming design with an ultra-thin bezel screen, beveled base with minimal, strong lines. In particular, gamers “hunt” for LG UltraGear because this is the only game screen line pursuing ergonomics trend. The versatile stand has a rotating shaft that helps gamers easily customize the height and viewing angle to suit the sitting posture.

Giới game thủ săn lùng màn hình gaming LG UltraGear 144Hz 1ms - Ảnh 3.

Ergonomically designed LG UltraGear gives gamers the freedom to fully enjoy fast-paced games for hours on end.

To please gamers, LG UltraGear is also equipped with special LED effect lights Sphere Lighting. Players can customize the color range to your liking to personalize their “game kingdom”.

Bringing the best and the best experience, LG UltraGear is not only a dream of gamers, but also a choice of high-end cyber games. Recently, the famous Afreeca TV group of South Korea has selected LG UltraGear screen series to equip the Kiin Center 100 premium Cyber ​​game system that has just landed in Vietnam, with the first facility just opened. at Hapulico Vu Trong Phung, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

Giới game thủ săn lùng màn hình gaming LG UltraGear 144Hz 1ms - Ảnh 4.

LG UltraGear is the “gold” option to help game rooms attract players and optimize business capital thanks to high quality and reasonable price.

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