[GameDev] Principles and basic components in Game level design.

Game Level design [GLD] is a very important stage of making a good game, appealing to players.

There are very beautiful model designers, very good game programmers, but they always wonder because they cannot create a very attractive and attractive game.

Because just like any other system or genre, GLD also contains the techniques, elements, and basic components to make it. Ask a person to make GLD to master these factors.

Today we will look at these factors so that if you are a game designer, you don't have to be a model designer, you don't have to be a good programmer, you can still Create your own good, attractive games and make a strong impression on players.


Space – Space in the game

One of the first and extremely important factors is Space, the highlight value that space brings to the player as a deep impression of the game (eg a mario game, a legendary game that Most of us are playing throughout our childhood, just need to catch bricks, the pipes are able to remember the game Mario right away.

So the problem is suppose when you play an FPS game if the game always has you and your opponent like this:


And when limiting space, adding blocks, environments .. like this:


You have seen, not only how the players change, but the feeling of difficulty, how the gameplay changes.

Goals – Temporarily translated as goals

Well, the second factor to mention is the Goals, the lack of goals that cannot exist in a good game, an interesting game.

There are many goals divided into many genres in different games. From simple games like Flappy bird to a single goal, you have to tap to survive and get the highest score.


Go to complicated games like OverWatch, in addition to the main goals such as win the game, capture objects, move the payload, kill, kill & kill … So other goals with lots of teamwork like heal also make gamers connect with each other is not only in the game, but sometimes even in life.


Some black goals must also be included in online games that cause the player to draw blood, to recharge such as dialing, opening chests …


Just enough to see how goals in games are important.


We have now traveled more than half the way for the first part of the GLD that I want to introduce to you.

And now it's time to talk about components. Components in the game are very diverse from Hero, weapons, skill types, effects …

Sometimes the components that have been formed from the plot sometimes arise from the process of making the game, sometimes from an event and even more heterogeneous can come from the character from the image, but only the designer or maker The new process understands.

However, these components are the factors that make up the trend, creating a fever, sometimes in the game there are heroes that are famous before the game was born. Or there are heroes that are adapted to the characters in the movie.

There are some types of components, though they are just a static or solid form, but they are also impressive, deeply impressed when they know the right position, at the right time.


Mechanics – Mechanisms

Following components is mechanics, mechanics can be understood simply as actions of characters, components … However, looking at the concept aspect, it is quite difficult to imagine the importance of mehcanic. Come on.

Typically in dota2, you can easily see an example when Sniper with a sitting position is preparing his ultimate, and from there giving reasonable strategies for his hero.

Once again we clearly see that gameplay is not only natural, but it depends on many factors, and mechanics are a huge contributor to creating gameplay not only for games but also for characters themselves. it belong to.

So the question is, where does the mechanics form and where does it come from?


The last and extremely important thing is rules. Why is that? Because because of the rules you can change every level of the elements that we talked about until now.

Rules for spaces.

Rules for goals.

Rules for components.

Rules for mechanics.

Following the example of the sniper above if the ultimate of sniper doesn't need to be watched, no need to countdown means no rule is needed, then everything will become đó then maybe we should discuss the category of hack and mod in. game


Just now are the basic elements that I want to introduce and synthesize so that you can master and start a path to become a legendary GLD ?

These elements always exist in parallel and combine to create a good and attractive game.

In the next few sections, you will go deeper into each of these elements to control and develop the strengths of each element in each game you create.

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