Galaxy Z sold out in the market, what is the reason?

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Previously, in the first generations of folding screen devices, depending on the user’s point of view, some people were not impressed with the Galaxy Fold for reasons of being too fragile, or surrounded by opinions about the disparity and lack of certainty. Later, Samsung has gradually improved with the Galaxy Z Flip version but is still considered an experiment of folding screen and hinge technology. Realizing the big problem ahead, in addition to listening from users, Samsung has had upgrades as well as ways to fix the backlog errors on the latest device.

Galaxy Z cháy hàng trên thị trường, đâu là lý do - Ảnh 1.

Not only is it more perfect in terms of design technology, Galaxy Z Fold3 also impresses users by the credibility from the data on the level of the temple right from the first days of its appearance. The clearest evidence has shown that, after the success of the first order with more demand than supply, the Galaxy Z series continued to sell out in the second sale with more than 10,000 devices being launched on the market. proves the strong attraction of the foldable smartphone line to technology followers. In addition, Samsung continued to enter the Top 5 of the best global brands in 2021 voted by Interbrand.

To verify the ability to withstand the harsh impacts around, many technology followers as well as creators on all social networking platforms such as Facebook, Youtube… have had a lot of content about testing the durability of the flagship Galaxy Z Series – one of Samsung’s most advanced smartphones to date.

Prominent among them must be mentioned the durability test video on JerryRigEverything’s Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone. This Youtube content creator once had a test about the Galaxy Z Fold3 that satisfied viewers with extremely realistic footage that was quite similar to the actual durability figures.

Galaxy Z cháy hàng trên thị trường, đâu là lý do - Ảnh 2.

Photo: Youtube source JerryRigEverything.

In the ‘endurance’ test version of the Galaxy Z Flip3, JerryRigEverything first tested the durability by using a sharp-pointed screwdriver to rub points on both screens. Similar to most other high-end phones on the market, the secondary screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 began to appear scratches at the level 6 test, the grooves began to deepen when reaching level 7. However, the main display inside is much less durable as scratches begin to appear on the level 1 and 2 test in the scale. Next, both screens can withstand direct heat from the lighter for up to nearly 30 seconds before the signs of slight burns appear on the screen part.

To increase the intensity of the test, Youtuber JerryRigEverything used a paper cutter to engrave directly on the frame as well as the back of the Galaxy Z Flip3. Besides, to test the ability to fold and open, Jerry directly used soil and sand to cover both sides and began to fold and open continuously. Although not equipped with dustproof technology, but Z Flip3 shows the ability to be flexible in any environment.

Galaxy Z cháy hàng trên thị trường, đâu là lý do - Ảnh 3.

Photo: Youtube source JerryRigEverything

The strongest ‘torture’ part will definitely belong to the segment of bending the body of the folding screen smartphone. Indeed, the Galaxy Z Flip3 proves that the saying that ‘real gold is not afraid of fire’ is absolutely true, its durability is extremely impressive when it easily overcomes this bending challenge. Using Armor Alumium material for the hinges and chassis, made from aluminum alloy, Z Flip3 feels sturdy, durable and much more solid than its predecessor. Comes with that is the back is equipped with high-grade Gorilla Glass Victus to increase durability, limit scratches and drops.

This shows that in fact the Galaxy Z Flip3 is not really as fragile as people once thought. Therefore, users can safely use this smartphone in many different environmental conditions without worrying about the device being damaged after a long time of use.

In order to achieve success in upgrading the device’s durability, the actual testing stage is quite important, Samsung has spared no expense to invest in a huge lab with modern equipment to bring the devices to be tested. carefully to the user. This has been demonstrated by Samsung with a video of more than a minute about the whole testing process before it is widely distributed to users.

Galaxy Z cháy hàng trên thị trường, đâu là lý do - Ảnh 4.

Photo: source Samsung

Through the official video about durability testing on its products, Samsung has let users go through 4 separate tests such as: Place the device in a room environment with extreme temperatures, Submerge the smartphone in water. To test the water resistance, Use the robotic arm to test the SPen pen on the folding screen and finally demonstrate the ability to fold and open many times on the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 duo.

Galaxy Z cháy hàng trên thị trường, đâu là lý do - Ảnh 5.

Photo: source Samsung

The biggest highlight in the 3rd generation of the Galaxy Z series is when it is upgraded to IPX8 water resistance, which many users have always wanted on previous generation folding phones. The IPX8 waterproof standard allows the phone to be waterproof to a depth of 1.5m for up to 30 minutes. The addition of a water-resistant standard will help the device handle the cases of sweat or light rain and feel more secure to use.

Through the data provided by Samsung and the fact that the durability of the folding screen smartphone line through tests done by professional ‘workers’ has proven the prestige of the high-end flagship line from the Samsung family. significantly improved. In the near future, folding screen devices will certainly be used more widely and widely to maximize the quality of life. See more about the product here !

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