Galaxy Z Series and the times Samsung “set new peaks” for global smartphone technology

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Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. This has also been proven in practice when in just a decade, phones have completely changed the way people experience technology.

Since its inception with the simple purpose of communicating, making calls and texting mainly, the phone has gradually become a smartphone over time and now, it is not just a device for communication needs. Basically, the phone is also likened to a fashion accessory, an entertainment device and an item that helps users “discover” the hidden values ​​inside.

Galaxy Z Series và những lần Samsung “lập đỉnh” mới cho công nghệ smartphone toàn cầu - Ảnh 1.

The phone has evolved to no longer be a mere communication device

One of the “big guys” at the forefront of technology trends cannot fail to mention Samsung, the name that has helped shorten the development of technology to just a decade for users to have experiences like today.

Samsung – Pioneering the world trend

Starting with phones running Symbian operating system, but with Samsung, there is another bold idea when “catching the trend” of launching smartphones running Android operating system. At that time, Android was just a new operating system, not even capable of competing with Symbian. However, realizing the development potential of smartphones, Samsung has launched Android models, especially in the high-end segment with the S series and Note series.

Galaxy Z Series và những lần Samsung “lập đỉnh” mới cho công nghệ smartphone toàn cầu - Ảnh 2.

Galaxy S – Samsung’s first high-end Android smartphone marks the first step in pioneering technology trends

Every year, technology evolves more than the previous year, Samsung’s S and Note series step by step up, step by step proving to users Samsung’s own ability to lead the technology trend. No one thought with just one bold direction back then that Samsung has now reached the pinnacle of the technology world.

That development led to a new change today: The introduction of the Galaxy Z series folding screen product, ushering in an era of completely new experiences. This continues to be a new technology trend that Samsung is still at the forefront.

Galaxy Z Series và những lần Samsung “lập đỉnh” mới cho công nghệ smartphone toàn cầu - Ảnh 3.

Galaxy Z series was born with the aim of bringing a whole new smartphone experience

Galaxy Z series and leading technologies

Just a few years ago, when information about Samsung’s folding screen smartphone first appeared, no one thought this would be a successful product line in the market. However, after only 2 years of development, now the Galaxy Z series and especially the Galaxy Z Fold3 have become a symbol of super high-end users. Samsung is the only manufacturer that has succeeded in the field of folding screens.

Galaxy Z Series và những lần Samsung “lập đỉnh” mới cho công nghệ smartphone toàn cầu - Ảnh 4.

Galaxy Z Fold is now a symbol of super advanced users

As a product line with strong attraction, oriented in the super-premium segment, Galaxy Z is equipped with many breakthrough technologies: Top-notch flexible folding screen design, selfie camera technology hidden under the screen (UPC), powerful and high-end hardware. These are all factors that make up the name of the Galaxy Z series, which Chinese manufacturers at the moment are still struggling with because they do not have the technology in hand.

Galaxy Z Series và những lần Samsung “lập đỉnh” mới cho công nghệ smartphone toàn cầu - Ảnh 5.

“Galaxy Z Fold not only pioneers to break through technological barriers but also brings impressive designs, is one of the unique fashion accessories for owners”, Ngoc Vy, admin of Public Forum Techrum technology shares its opinion about the Galaxy Z Fold series.

Through the Galaxy Z series, Samsung wants to prove that folding screen smartphones will be the “standard” of the future, while also showing that technology has never stopped evolving, Samsung will continue to be a leader in the technology trend. technology, creating unique products, leaving values ​​for the common development of the whole world.

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