Galaxy Z Fold 3 can be equipped with LED notification light strip right on the hinge?

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Galaxy Z Fold 2 has overcome many problems that still exist on the Galaxy Fold. The screen is now more durable, the hinge is also sturdier, the dust is better and the external display is larger. But Samsung’s folding screen smartphone will have a lot to improve before it becomes the best product to serve the user.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 có thể trang bị dải đèn LED thông báo ngay trên bản lề? - Ảnh 1.

Besides the folding screen, the hinge is the most important detail that makes a device like the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Once it is broken or gets small dust particles inside, the device will be broken. Therefore, improving how to make the hinge sure and better is a very important task for Samsung.

A recent Samsung patent has hinted at its plans to improve design and features on the next generation of foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Published patents were filed in March 2019 and were just announced on October 1 on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website. It depicts a strip of LED lights located on the hinge of the device.

According to LetsGoDigital , Samsung wants to put an LED strip on the hinge. As the image can be seen, the LED strip along the hinge part of the device looks quite fashionable.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 có thể trang bị dải đèn LED thông báo ngay trên bản lề? - Ảnh 2.
Galaxy Z Fold 3 có thể trang bị dải đèn LED thông báo ngay trên bản lề? - Ảnh 3.

Patent description of LED strip lights on the hinge of Galaxy Z Fold 3

This LED strip is used to inform users of important information without having to turn on the device. This is quite convenient when you leave the phone in your pocket or if the phone is in a Cover Screen protective case.

With this indicator light, users can mute the sound, vibrate mode and just look at the LED for important notifications, such as incoming calls or messages.

But of course this new feature has a major limitation. The addition of an LED module in the hinge and a gap for the light to shine through could be a structural weakness and affect durability.

It would be better if Samsung placed LED strips around the main screen or even around the camera cluster on the back.

Of course, a patent does not mean Samsung will apply it on the product. Samsung is looking for interesting features to integrate into the next generation of foldable smartphones, such as the S Pen support.

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