Galaxy Z Fold 2 costs 50 million still sells 1000 machines in Vietnam, Samsung has found a way to overcome Apple?

Tram Ho

High-end smartphones are always a sought-after item by Vietnamese users. The outstanding power, trendy features and outstanding design of these devices always make users willing to take out their wallet to own it, although the price of these devices is not cheap.

That is why the cheap iPhone, despite storming the international market, is not very popular when entering the Vietnamese market. Despite being equipped with the same processor as the expensive iPhones, but Apple’s low-cost devices like the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 lack high-end photography or just use LCD screens with ugly thick bezels – points minus makes them less attractive in the eyes of Vietnamese users.

Contrary to the sad fate of low-cost iPhones is the warm welcome of Vietnamese users towards high-end iPhones. Customers are even willing to pay tens of millions of dong higher for the latest iPhones when they first arrive in Vietnam via their portable way.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 giá 50 triệu vẫn bán hết 1000 máy ở Việt Nam, Samsung đã tìm ra cách khắc chế Apple? - Ảnh 1.

Now without looking at the back, you will be difficult to distinguish the iPhone generation recently launched.

But then everyone realized, the iPhone design has not changed much from 2017 until now, features have only been drastically upgraded in the last few generations. So despite the increased processing power, even the most expensive iPhones can no longer meet the needs of those who crave a truly classy and outstanding smartphone.

Their eyes are on a new device, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first folding screen smartphone in the world to appear in Vietnam. The folding screen technology has given the Galaxy Fold a completely groundbreaking design compared to the 2-sided design commonly seen on smartphones for a decade. Combined with unique multitasking features, the Galaxy Fold shows how it deserves Vietnamese users’ thirst for high-end smartphones.

With a price of up to 50 million dong, more expensive than the most expensive iPhones at the same time, but the Galaxy Fold continues to sell out every time it is sold, sales exceed expectations with a market like Vietnam. This achievement is even achieved when the device has encountered screen technology issues that forced them to delay the sale time up to 6 months compared to the original plan.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 giá 50 triệu vẫn bán hết 1000 máy ở Việt Nam, Samsung đã tìm ra cách khắc chế Apple? - Ảnh 2.

The first generation Galaxy Fold.

But Samsung’s success with the Galaxy Fold doesn’t stop at creating a unique product. Breakthrough screen technology and special design combined with the Galaxy Fold’s super-premium pricing strategy have helped Samsung turn folding screen smartphones into a symbol of class – what high-end iPhones hold in their hands. how long.

Turning a device line into a symbol of class, Samsung has laid the foundation for the success of the next generation of devices to come in the future. The proof of that comes immediately to the successor generation, the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Contrary to many speculations about a cheaper price for the next generation screen smartphone, Samsung has made a higher move by keeping the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 at 50 million – equivalent to that. first generation. In other words, folding screen smartphones are being turned into a super-high-end option for special customers, instead of lowering prices to compete with current high-end flagships like the iPhone.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 giá 50 triệu vẫn bán hết 1000 máy ở Việt Nam, Samsung đã tìm ra cách khắc chế Apple? - Ảnh 3.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 has great improvements in design and screen technology compared to the first generation.

And indeed, Samsung has succeeded with its pricing. After only 15 days of opening, 1,000 Galaxy Z Fold 2 units were sold out in the entire retail system of the company. And the demand is even so high that Samsung is preparing to open the next batch of orders for this super flagship.

In fact, compared to those who own the first generation Galaxy Fold, the price of 50 million VND spent for Galaxy Z Fold 2 is much more reasonable. Although still carrying the characteristic folding design as the first version, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has been comprehensively improved in screen technology as well as the hinge folding mechanism.

The 6.2-inch external secondary display is much more useful than the first-generation 4.6-inch display. The defects of the internal screen have been reduced to the maximum, expanding content visibility and usability. Display technology has also been raised to a new level with a 120Hz refresh rate.

It may be a paradox when cheap iPhones are so estranged in Vietnam that they have to stop selling, and super high-end flagships like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 are out of stock, but indeed, a super-premium pricing strategy. Samsung’s folding screen smartphone has contributed significantly to the success of this line of devices in the Vietnamese market.

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