Galaxy Z Flip is the first smartphone with a glass screen but flexible!

Tram Ho

Galaxy Z Flip là chiếc smartphone đầu tiên sở hữu màn hình kính nhưng mà lại dẻo! - Ảnh 1.

Up to now, the Galaxy Z Flip has something no other folding smartphone on the market has: a foldable glass screen. Up to now, all folding screens use a flexible plastic screen covering the main screen.

Maybe the folding pin of the device feels good, but your fingertips touching the touch screen do not see that, not to mention that the plastic screen is extremely easy to scratch. Phone manufacturers are still looking forward to the day the science of foldable glass technology is coming.

Could Samsung have done the unthinkable? Galaxy Z Flip owns screen “ultra-thin glass”, strong enough to withstand 200,000 folds. They call this ” revolutionary flexible plastic, ” and that this is “technology for all generations “. Most likely this is a product made by Samsung itself, with the official name is “Ultra Thin Glass”.

Thanks to the glass design, the Galaxy Z Flip screen will be sturdy and provide a better touch experience. However, this technology is still too new to make us feel secure, and it is also not possible on the hands of the product to verify Samsung’s ” 200,000 fold ” assertion.

These difficult questions must take time to answer, that is, after February 14, the day when the Galaxy Z Flip will be officially launched.

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Source : Genk