Galaxy Watch5 shows that Samsung is serious about outdoor sports

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At the Galaxy Unpacked event held on August 10, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro duo as two high-end smartwatch models with many health and exercise features. However, besides the basic health features that every watch must have, the new Watch generation sees Samsung’s serious investment in outdoor sports activities, typically running.

Health always comes first

According to Samsung, in the past, health was a simple concept with a single definition, but today, this definition has been changed based on the meaning of health and wellness for each person. That’s why Samsung said it is committed to ensuring everyone has access to the necessary resources to train themselves, through the Galaxy ecosystem in general and the Galaxy Watch series product line in general.

Galaxy Watch5 cho thấy Samsung đang nghiêm túc cho mảng thể thao ngoài trời - Ảnh 1.

The Galaxy Watch5 series inherits the successes of the previous Watch4 series, especially in terms of health data analysis through Samsung’s breakthrough BioActive sensor.

First introduced with the Galaxy Watch4, the BioActive sensor uses a single chip that combines three powerful health sensors including – Optical Heart Rate (PPG), Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Analytic bioelectrical impedance (BIA) – to form a compact device. The device’s streamlined design enhances performance, comfortably fits the user’s hand for increased accuracy, and can be used 24/7. This helps users deepen their understanding, encourage movement, and reinforce good habits to help them achieve their health goals.

Galaxy Watch5 cho thấy Samsung đang nghiêm túc cho mảng thể thao ngoài trời - Ảnh 2.
“For holistic health and healthy habits, it’s important to understand yourself better. And it starts with Samsung’s breakthrough BioActive Sensor,” said Mr. TaeJong Jay Yang – Deputy CEO cum CEO Director of Medical Research and Development for Mobile eXperience at Samsung Electronics

Expansion of outdoor physical activity features

When introducing the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro duo, Samsung said the Pro version has a higher density and many new features for outdoor enthusiasts. Watch5 Pro is manufactured with high-quality materials, supporting activities from hiking to cycling … Improved Sapphire glass, better abrasion resistance and durable titanium frame, protecting Protect the screen with a protruding bezel design. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro features an all-new Magnetic D-Buckle Strap that ensures durability and a sleek and snug fit.

Galaxy Watch5 cho thấy Samsung đang nghiêm túc cho mảng thể thao ngoài trời - Ảnh 3.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro also owns the largest battery capacity in the Galaxy Watch series, up to 60% larger than its predecessor. Exclusive features equipped on Watch5 Pro can be mentioned as Self-Setting Goal Route, first available on Galaxy Watch. Route training, users can also download walking and cycling routes as they train for their next race or find a way to incorporate personal routines.

While walking or cycling, users can easily change direction without constantly looking at the wearable thanks to Turn Direction Direction feature. When ready to return, Galaxy Watch5 Pro will easily bring users back to the old route with the Return Route Directions feature.

Galaxy Watch5 cho thấy Samsung đang nghiêm túc cho mảng thể thao ngoài trời - Ảnh 4.

The above features show that Samsung is really investing seriously in outdoor activities, not just a basic health monitoring device. There may be many smart watches on the market, but to be able to support well and “multi-function” all in one, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is one of the brightest products.

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