Galaxy S21 abdominal surgery: The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is very large, surprisingly easy to repair

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Samsung just launched the Galaxy S21 last week, and we now have a video of the smartphone’s belly open. Although not by iFixit, YouTube PBKreviews has also shown us the components inside the Galaxy S21. The most special is the amazing ease of repairing this smartphone, which perhaps brands should follow.

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Galaxy S21 has a plastic back, a detail that may not be interesting to users. However, it cannot be denied that the plastic back makes opening the device easier. Just a simple tool can pry off the back of the Galaxy S21, it seems that Samsung does not use much glue.

Samsung Galaxy S21 belly surgery.

Behind the back is a graphite sheet with wireless charging coil and 22 screws. Removing is very easy, and can reach the gut of the smartphone. The inside of the Galaxy S21 is also quite similar to the Galaxy S20.

Removing the graphite sheet will see 2 mmWave 5G antennas, an improvement over the Galaxy S20 with only 1 antenna. The Galaxy S21 also has another improvement, the graphite cooling system, instead of the copper tube and vapor chamber of the Galaxy S20.

All components of the Galaxy S21 are easily removable. Except for the battery and the screen, which Samsung attaches very tightly with more adhesive. However, heat can be used to remove the adhesive and replace the battery or screen.

PBKreviews also found that the Galaxy S21’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the screen is massive. Perhaps this upgrade will significantly improve the performance when using fingerprint recognition features compared to the previous generation. Both the main camera and zoom camera of the S21 have optical stabilization.

PBKreviews rated the Galaxy S21 repair score at 7.5 / 10. While it’s not possible to compare these results with iFixit’s standardized and rigorous repair scores, Samsung can see that Samsung has improved repair capabilities with the Galaxy S21.

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