Galaxy S20 Ultra beat iPhone 11 Pro Max in the test drop … but the long way to know good horses

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Galaxy S20 Ultra survived the first few rounds of the drop test, showing a superiority over the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

However, at the end of the game, after many consecutive drops, the iPhone still works almost perfectly, and the Android has “returned to Pluto”.

Galaxy S20 Ultra takes the lead

The PhoneBuff site uses a machine that allows them to drop two devices from a height of 1 meter in exactly the same way. In the first round, the two devices are released so that the back touches the ground. Samsung products excel when almost no scratches appear, while the back of the iPhone 11 Pro Max has cracked heavily.

In the second round, the iPhone narrowly won with fewer scratches after both devices were dropped from a height of 1 meter so that the corner of the machine hit the ground. Both did not experience any significant damage.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra, which costs $ 1,400, only appears a few small cracks on the screen when dropped from a height of 1 meter so that the front of the machine touches the ground. Apple’s device has a pretty heavy glass break, but not enough to damage the touchscreen.

After three dropped tests, Samsung’s device was generally “significantly better”, helping it win the PhoneBuff comparison. It should be stated, however, that both iOS and Android devices still work perfectly.

Galaxy S20 Ultra đánh bại iPhone 11 Pro Max trong bài test thả rơi… nhưng đường dài mới biết ngựa hay - Ảnh 1.

Long Distance know horses

Any phone that survives a 3-drop test and almost every function still works well will enter the next test: dropped from a height of 1.5 meters, the front hits the ground, in … 10 consecutive times.

By the end of this test, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has been flanking grandparents. The first of 10 falls has caused the screen to burst. After the next 9 drops, the touch screen was completely broken, and PhoneBuff had to stop testing.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max still maintains almost all functions after 10 drops. Both the front and back have more cracks, but the only thing that stops working is the rear camera.

You can see the complete drop test below:

Drop Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Reference: CultofMac

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