Galaxy S20 Series will allow taking photos simultaneously with all cameras

Tram Ho

According to the Max Weinbach account of the XDA forum, this feature will be called “Quick Take”. This feature will help you take many photos at the same time, then you will be taken to the interface of the application “gallery” to choose to retain the images that you like best.

Galaxy S20 Series sẽ cho phép chụp ảnh đồng thời với tất cả camera - Ảnh 1.

Galaxy S20 can take photos with 3 cameras at the same time

This is not the first time we see such a feature. LG also owns a similar feature called “Triple Shot” (launched with LG V40 in 2008). Recently, iPhone users can also experience this feature through a 3rd party application called DoubleTake.

With the Galaxy S20, Samsung is also expected to bring another new feature to the camera, which is “Single Take”. This feature aggregates images taken from 3 camera modules into short videos.

If the rumors come true, the Galaxy S20 Series will be a leap in hardware and camera software on Samsung’s flagship.

Reference: GSMArena

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