Galaxy Note20 users accused of having camera error ‘fog’, Samsung explained that this was just a ‘natural phenomenon’

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As Samsung’s most anticipated flagship smartphone in 2020, the Galaxy Note20 Series quickly achieved great success when it launched in South Korea. However, a few users in South Korea have expressed dissatisfaction with the Galaxy Note20 when the smartphone camera’s camera system encountered some problems, according to PhoneArena.

Accordingly, on the Samsung forum in Korea, an account named “Stinger1” has posted images showing a layer of ‘mist’ like steam completely covering the inside of the rear triple camera lens. by Note20.

Galaxy Note20 bị người dùng tố gặp lỗi camera sương mù, Samsung giải thích đây chỉ là hiện tượng tự nhiên - Ảnh 1.

The top of the Galaxy Note20’s rear camer is covered with a layer of steam-like

As explained by this user, the situation usually occurs when the Galaxy Note20 experiences a sudden change in temperature, such as when bringing the phone from an air-conditioned room to the sun. After this article was posted, many other users reported the same problem.

In a post on the Naver social network, a Galaxy Note20 user even tried bringing the device to a Samsung service center to check the aforementioned problem. However, the Samsung technicians after reviewing that the device is still “working properly”, according to the user’s reflection.

The Samsung representative then (allegedly) gave feedback to those affected by the issue. As explained by the Korean technology company, moisture in the surrounding environment penetrated inside the Galaxy Note20 through the vents used to regulate the pressure, then condensed into fog when encountered “the sudden temperature changes “.

Notably, Samsung also believes that it is not responsible for repair or replacement support for users who encounter this problem, as this is a natural phenomenon. The company also recommends that Galaxy Note20 users should avoid sudden temperature changes during use.

Worth mentioning, the above problem does not directly affect the camera’s photography function, but still makes every photo taken with the Galaxy Note20 almost unusable. Some users claim that the photo becomes very blurred as if it were covered with a “fog filter” above.

Galaxy Note20 bị người dùng tố gặp lỗi camera sương mù, Samsung giải thích đây chỉ là hiện tượng tự nhiên - Ảnh 2.

Photos taken with the Galaxy Note20 became very blurred as if they were covered with a layer of “mist filter” above.

This situation is currently only happening to a small number of users. However, if this problem becomes widespread, it will be difficult for Samsung to fix the aforementioned error with software updates, commented Phone Arena.

According to PhoneArena, a key point to note is that this situation itself has not been officially acknowledged by Samsung on any of its official platforms. Meanwhile, the response is said to be from the Korean technology company has not been confirmed. The PhoneArena site has reached out to Samsung and has yet to receive a response.

Refer to PhoneArena

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